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29 Oct
October 29, 2013

when i was in high school, i started my life-long love of pens, shopping the pen isle in wal-mart.  small town girls pass a lot of time perusing EVERYTHING in wal-mart.  i dreamed of my own kitchen, fingering oven mitts and dish towels.  i smelled ALL of the shampoos and perfumes (weird how i landed on pantine and love’s baby soft).  i touched and critiqued every single pen.  i was on a mission to find- the. best. pen.  one day i came across a $3 fountain pen.  behold!

nib pens appealed to my teenage, flighty, romantic sensibility.  i’d write love letters with such a device.  i’d pen tomes about my suffering!  i think what i did was mostly homework with it, maybe a journal entry or two. that pen might actually be somewhere in my childhood desk in the basement (yes, i’m a pared down hoarder).  today, from amazon, i received it’s somewhat more expensive, german cousin- my lamy safari fountain pen.  it’s beautiful.  it’s modern.  and the 14 year old girl in me squealed, and wants to write a love letter.

such small splurges remind me of a time i used to save up my money and have my mom drop me and a girlfriend off at the store.  it’s a far-away moment brought back to me with the arrival of a sweet new pen.  i’m actually looking forward to sitting down and addressing baby announcements.  it’s the little things.

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