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02 Jul
July 2, 2014

i’ve been messing around with lots of new things lately.  it’s exciting, and at the same time terrifying.  one of the things i’ve been doing a lot of, is studying fonts and their use.  i haven’t ever really applied text to my artwork (in anything other than concept), but i’m wanting to.  and at the same time, i’m pouring over identity (for starting a company) and the impact of font choice as it applies to branding.

since this blog is a great place to play around, i thought i’d monkey (yet again) with the site title.  i’d love to hear which one most appeals to you, and if you like, tell me why in the comments.

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  1. Irina Elston says:

    HI Kam,
    I actually just finished typography class which I found supper fun and helpful. In the past, type was kind of an afterthought since I focused on the design and layout. We did several projects with primarily type and that is exactly what you are doing in designing your logo. I actually still like your original the best. I like how clean it is and how the words offset. The overlapping of symbols can be adjusted to appear more purposeful. In your new versions I like squiggly fonts in #1 and #3. What if you try offsetting the words like you did in your original? I have few PDFs on typography that I can forward to you if you like.
    I love following your creative ventures!

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