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26 Aug
August 26, 2011

although i have very little extra time with the newest addition to our life, a full time job, and sleeping… i’ve been making time for PINTEREST.  are you addicted?  i downloaded that app faster than you can say ‘pin it!’ and every night before i start snoring away, i pin a few little tidbits.  here’s a few inspirations…

jill is one crafty mother, and my kid is totally ripping off her kid’s costume.  add a mustache… done!

you probably don’t know this, but i have a pen habit.  see the tutorial for this pen can lazy susan, or be inspired to make your own.  i went to value village one afternoon, and spent about $25 to make this… (crap cell phone pic, apologies)

fall is on it’s way (did we ever have summer?) i’m finding tons of images of covetable style

this weekend i’ll be scheduling some posts… as you’ve seen, some lovely ladies have decided to join me on n+t, can’t wait to have them here for some style sighting company and contributing their personal style inspiration.

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