kid outing – seattle aquarium

14 Aug
August 14, 2013

i’m slowly getting back into the world.  figuring how two kids work has been infinitely easier than trying to decipher one.  maybe because i already went through the trauma of rearranging life when number one showed up, i’m less worried about number two.  but i have a sneaking suspicion, number two is just easier, because that’s her disposition.

we have a membership to the aquarium. that thing pays for itself after two visits.  TWO.  kids are expensive.  moving on…

we have kind of a list when we go… we see meno (the clown fish- i’m pretty sure he means nemo), the octopus, the shark… and after that list is completed, i pretty much just chase my kid around while he runs away from me laughing.  there’s a snack in there, we see the birds and the otters along the way.  after about an hour and fifteen, it’s time to pack it in, because that is stretching the limits of a two year old’s attention span.  i shouldn’t make it sound like a beating.  i bought the membership because it’s a place i enjoy.  i don’t mind whiling away time in a place with water and fish.  i know des enjoys it, because the rest of the day is spent recounting the adventure- meno went night night, octopus BIG, shark swimming.  it’s the little things.

i went with my friend heather, and her daughter penny.  penny and heather always look cute.  penny stands still for photos, and for two, is pretty good at art direction for photo shoots.  my kid is the blur in the photos or climbing walls.  oh well.

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