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10 Oct
October 10, 2015

i joined up with the quilt along hoping that i’d meet a few people, get a little inspiration, and connect with a few like minded makers. i’ve already met a couple of people who have completely inspired me- fabric choices, different ways they’re thinking of the blocks, something as simple as how they’re putting the blocks together.

when someone in the group mentioned that if i didn’t make the block as it was in the book- then i wasn’t making the block- i thought to myself- THAT’S RIDICULOUS. i think i actually guffawed out loud. i wondered, who is someone else to tell you what your journey is? how can someone else decide what you’re creating? i was kind of bothered by that for a couple days. who needs that noise?

i feel comfortable thinking outside the box. guidelines are a suggestion. patterns- well, they give you the shapes, and you use them as you like. some people like being told what to do, and what to do next. i guess i’m not one of them. i like being given the foundation, and doing with it whatever i like. i like that when you make, you have the power to take the guideline and chuck it away if you want to. you get to decide. someone else does not define what is and what isn’t. someone else doesn’t look at what you do, and decide what it is.

the letters in this book left such a positive impression on me. i wanted to think of them when i look at this quilt. i wanted to see them. simplicity and less with more was my idea. everyday basic with little, bright spots of unexpected and happy. for that reason, i love what i’m making. i’ve done what i’m doing with intent. i’ve absolutely enjoyed making these blocks from the book. and if someone else looks at this, and thinks i didn’t hit the mark, or couldn’t follow directions- oh well. xoxox- k.

want inspiration for your own farmer’s wife quilt- check out my pinterest board. want to make your own? you can buy the ebook here. join a quilt along? there are two- very kerry berry is doing the blocks in order. gnomeangel is choosing an alternate order.

below- all my blocks, and a very scuffed up kitchen table.


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11 replies
  1. Terri says:

    Good for you for going your own way with your blocks. Anyone can follow directions. Not everyone chooses to go beyond what is expected to create something uniquely their own.

    I commend you for participating in both QALs. I think I will have enough on my plate with one since I am doing EPP, and it is taking forever to make the blocks. It is fun though. like you, I will be blogging about my journey. Enjoy the ride.


  2. lori says:

    really love your blocks, so nice to see a different direction…how boring if we all used the same approach and fabrics. can’t wait to see your finished quilt!

  3. Kelli says:

    I love your fabric selections and the photos you took. Very striking!

  4. kam says:

    hey there! thanks so much- doing my best to highlight the blocks, even if that means kitchen table, right in front of the window! 😉 thanks for stopping by!

  5. kam says:

    also! i remember your orange block! i love that cross hatch fabric, and actually considered it for this. that block is really eye catching. it’s so nice to see people getting inspired, and making their own version of each of these, they’re all so different.

  6. kam says:

    thanks so much! yes! i love that so many people are thinking, and doing it their own way. it’ll be fun to see the finished product. a year from now. oy!

  7. kam says:

    you too! thanks for coming by and commenting. i don’t know that i’m participating as much as just kind of following both, and doing this or that depending on the mood. i know i’m not going to do every single block, but i was just looking through the book, and love so many of them. what a fun project we have to look forward to! enjoy!

  8. Karen says:

    You made me laugh and think of the Quilting Police with that comment made on facebook about copying the blocks in the book. A bit like the comment I saw today complaining that you need a copy of the book to participate!

    I am looking forward to seeing your finished quilt. The splash of colour in each block is clever.

  9. Heather says:

    Your blocks look so great both on their own and together. I love seeing your unique take on the blocks. For me the letters are what has kept me really interested in this project; I find them so motivating and applicable even 80 or so years later. You have inspired me to really push myself creatively for this project. When I originally received the book I thought it would just be something fun. Now I’m really enjoying the challenge of considering shapes, color, texture and patterns for each block. Do you plan to include all versions of each block in the final quilt?

  10. kam says:

    hey there! what a lovely comment to open up- aren’t the letters so good? i’ve been reading a few each night before bed. the perfect end to a day, someone talking about how grateful they are for all the simple things they have. a good reminder!

    i’m glad we’ve inspired each other! seeing your mix of prints i realized i could open up a bit more to some pattern. i may even add a few more here and there. i don’t know about if they’ll all make it into one quilt. maybe? doubtful. if i keep making 3 of each. 😉 i won’t do that with all of them, and i love december so much, and know myself, i probably won’t be working on this for that month. i’m enough weeks ahead, i can not make a block for a month. OR- i could keep being insane, and making so many of each, and have a spare quilt or TWO this time next year for a RAD christmas gift. who knows? guess i’ll just see where i end up. every time i look through the book thinking there’s so many i don’t want to make, i keep seeing modern versions in my head, so i’ll probably have more than enough. to the journey!!!

  11. Claudia says:

    Your blocks are just so lovely to look at, I love watching your collection grow and look forward to seeing the completed quilt when it comes!

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