monday motivation – calligraphy + watercolor

13 Apr
April 13, 2015

another of these, since i had so much fun trying my hand at last week’s. this one had an actual destination and purpose in mind. a friend i haven’t seen in ages (because she lives abroad) having a birthday, and when i saw this quote, it was just too her. on top of that- the colors! very jennie. i hope she agrees.

i think i’m going to try one more done this way, and then switch to all watercolor with white ink+nib pen. anyone have a saying or line of words they want to see? a phrase you find truly motivational? ‘just start’ has always a been a fave of mine, but it’s so short… i’ll be giving the next one away, so get your comments in here or on IG, and i’ll be choosing one lucky recipient.

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