monday motivation – calligraphy + watercolor

06 Apr
April 6, 2015

i’m such a sucker for motivation and inspiration. i keep a few things collected here, and when i need a little pick me up, i just scroll through.

i’ve realized over the last couple of months that i’ve been very, “i’d LOVE to do that!’. in response, my brain has been saying- when? when are you going to do that? i started feeling this… no-time-like-the-present feeling. so i’ve been crossing things off. it’s funny that as a designer, i’ve wanted to have a notebook full of my ideas, and attempts, and completed artwork, and yet, one doesn’t really exist. i have a notebook of to-do lists. a notebook of meeting notes, a couple hastily scribbled ideas randomly here and there…

so i decided to start my very first DEDICATED design journal. i’ve been starting with the easy things, things i know i can finish quickly. but i’ve staged it so i can start tackling more involved ideas, things that might take some time to figure out. in our house, that’s really about dedicated storage space. a bin or shelf to put everything away so little hands don’t get curious (or at least curious with half finished paintings). so far it’s working, and i’m really loving getting back to drawing, and painting. it’s such a good feeling. even if things go awry, it still a sense of- oh yes! i remember this. it’s so FUN!

the above was made with no one in mind. an old college friend said she liked it, and i sent it off to her. that 30 letters in 30 days is paying off for people. 😉 do you follow me on instagram? you should! got a saying or phrase you find truly inspirational? i’m doing one more in this series and i’m taking submissions for what to paint… i’ll also be giving it away. so send me your ideas, and it could be yours! xoxo- k.

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