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11 Oct
October 11, 2009
From needle+thread

i love our city. that being said, it never hurts to get out of town, and see some place new. my friend andria, from emerald city sightings, recently spent a month traveling across europe. when she twittered that she was seeing some amazing style, i thought… i want to see some amazing european street style ! so i asked her to take some pics, and she could guest post. she captured so much of her travels through her lens, and i’m happy to have her posting here daily for the next week… although this is seattle street style, i think a week long differing perspective, especially around this change of the season, will be an inspiration to all of us. thank you to andria for taking the time to bring a piece of europe back to us… n+t

from Andria…

Why is it that European fashion is just so darn beautiful? That, I will never know. What I do know is that a simple Seattle girl sure can learn a lot in just a month abroad; about myself, differing norms, and of course fashion. Bold, classic, rich and simple – all qualities I would assign to European style. Effortless, however, is the one qualifier that explains it all. Within days of my arrival in Sweden, I was raving to Kam about the style, so she gave me the go-ahead to gather shots from each city I would be in over the next month and share them as a guest blogger on Needle+Thread.

It may sound a stretch, but I could have used people from each street I walked down; although I managed somehow to whittle it down to a simple seven. All different cities. All different looks. I had a great time meeting these folks – each of which, were more than pleased to share their style with a simple girl from Seattle. I hope you enjoy them, the fashion, flair and maybe even incorporate a little into your own wardrobe.

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  1. Rebecca, The Clothes Horse says:

    Very cool; I definitely love Europe and they style so many rock over there.

  2. KT Barnes says:

    yayyyyyy andi!

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