nordstrom designer preview – the event

24 Jul
July 24, 2009

let me begin by saying, i started n+t to be mostly about images. that being said, i could gush ad nauseam about all the pretty clothes people were wearing, and the shoes… i probably spent more time looking down than looking people in the face. there was the boutique, the runway show…the delicious snacks catered by tom douglas (i am always a sucker for the snacks). nordstrom did a wonderful job, in conjunction with SAM, of putting on an amazing party to raise money for upcoming exhibitions at SAM. it was a lot to take in. i find that a couple days later, i’m still digesting, i’m still ruminating, and i’m still pining away for those spat-like chanel boots to clutch to my chest like a long lost, returned, dear friend. hope you enjoy some of what i found, and this by no means encapsulates everything that was there…just my small glimpse. thank you to nordstrom for having me, thanks to the fellow media that i met at the event, and thank you to seattle for turning out it’s best dressed, it’s well shod and well heeled. what a fun night !

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