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10 Nov
November 10, 2009
From needle+thread

when i showed up at the last one of these parties… i think it was august…  i was setting my expectations low.  i was late.  i almost didn’t go.  i took the bus with my friend jennie, and i think we almost bagged and went drinking somewhere… but when we got there… it was like we showed up at a party in another city.  people were dressed up.  there were so many people, lines for drinks weren’t that long… and since it was at the sculpture park, and the end of summer… you could mill, dance, mingle at your own speed.  it was a really fun night.

so when this one came round, i was ready.  i knew.  and when i got there… it did not disappoint.  a great mix of young and old, drinks+snacks, AMAZING beats by one of the best dj’s i’ve heard in a while… tigerbeat (tigerbeat206 on twitter) and people who brought it when it came to style.

SAM is not the best museum i’ve been to in my life, but by far it’s the closest to my heart… and there are worse things you could do than turn a museum into a night club every couple of months and get the people milling around, dancing and appreciating art.  add it to your list of events… you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. jaunty magpie says:

    Man, I need to get my lazy bum out there for the next arty-party. I get so winded after a long day at work, it’s hard to be festive afterwards, but I should just get my game face on and go!

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