seattle style

03 Apr
April 3, 2009

ive lived in seattle for 9 years.  before that, i lived an hour and half north of here, and when i came to seattle, one of my favourite places to meander was the market.  even now, as a local, it never seems cliche’ to me to go there to connect to my city.  i never get tired of wandering there.  poking through new corners.  going a little further than i went last time.

a new goal has been to document some seattle fashion.  seattle is a land of individualists.  people who don’t conform to the rules of other cities.  it’s a joke that we wear fleeces and socks with sandals, and i won’t even argue with you, i own more fleece than i did when i lived in arizona.  and my tevas are beloved, although i would sooner set fire to hair than wear them with socks.  but i get it.

i want just a little bit of what my city looks like here.  from the man selling produce with the wicked style, to the girls walking around in herds starting the new grunge.  i love living here, and i’ve always loved people watching.  this is my way to connect to where i live and be inspired.
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