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09 Aug
August 9, 2009
From needle+thread
i tend not to post on weekends. i think it’s because i’m old, and ‘weekends’ mean ‘no work’. not that blogging is work, i still get giddy thinking of what i’ll put up next, or where i’ll find that next little bit… right now i’m busily sketching in hopes of getting more freelance work. i’m going through the zillions of photos on my phone because i was at the mall surreptitiously snapping away, and i’m pouring over e-bay looking at handbag shapes. which leads me to the very awful conclusion, that i’ll be buying a new handbag. i didn’t mean to. it just found me. and tonight, if i win it, i’ll post it’s beautiful picture up here. because it is beyond gorgeous. for a handbag.

and in the meantime, you get a lovely picture of my friend jennie. jennie inspires me in ways i wouldn’t think possible. she wears lovely shades of lipstick, and sparkly kicks… when i think of jennie, i think ‘sparkle’ and ‘shine’ and ‘vibrant’. but you can’t put that on an application, sorry jennie, i’m of no use for adjectives (but if you want to see some of her work, please click here). and she’s standing next to seattle’s piece of frank gehry’s mind. which i love, but i don’t think everybody loves. the EMP, designed by gehry. i’m proud that my city has something from him. his work is amazing. fluidity in architecture. i actually designed a dress (when in school) based on his bilboa structure. love.
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  1. Sara Jo says:

    I looooooooove her website. The colors are beautiful, the photography is amazing, I love the font, and I can't even begin to describe how giddy the crystal rings section makes me. Excuse me while I spend the next 15 minutes clicking on all the rings options.

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