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08 Aug
August 8, 2013

so i have to start by saying… i love all my neighbors.  they’re all such good people.  my neighbor across the street had a baby 3 days after me.  we feel each other’s pain.  literally.

that being said, she invited me to a stella & dot party she was hosting, and the timing with kids and life…wasn’t coming together.  but she texted me a little after it had started and told me to come over.  sometimes all you need is someone to tell you what to do.

so i grabbed the baby, my toddler, my camera and headed across the street.  there really is nothing better than a little bubbly, fresh nibbles and hanging with some ladies.  i snapped a few pics to try to get back in the swing… stella & dot had some really cute pieces.  i’m in love with that really bright necklace, and there’s another one here that i thought was pretty (sparkly).

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