thankful days – week 2

20 Nov
November 20, 2013

day 8 – i’m thankful there are still people in my life who i have shared history with.  maybe not many, but enough that i feel like someone knew me before i had kids.  someone knew me when i was wild.  and i did stuff.  like bathe.

day 9 – thankful for my creativity. i’ve thought a lot over the years about where such things stem from…i’m equal parts for genetics and picking it up as you go.  foster your local artsy kid.

day 10 – i’m thankful for my mom.  i feel like i was a mostly easy kid, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the mother-job was easier.  she did a pretty amazing job with some not so great circumstances.  i think when you become a mom, you have more realizations about your mom as a human, and are able to see past her ‘she’s my mom’-ness.  or at least i was.  i’m thankful for that perspective and for everything she did and continues to do.  no one will love my kids more than i do, but i bet grandma gets closest.  i love that.

day 11 – i’m thankful for veterans- both grandpas served in wwii, i appreciate the time they spent defending our country.  it’s not trite to have this gratitude, and i don’t take for granted all that those in our armed forces sacrifice.  thank you.

day 12 – i’m thankful for my health.  i spent a lot of last year being sick (and pregnant).  i’m thankful to be feeling healthier and stronger.  let’s hope it lasts (knocks on wood, crosses fingers, sprays antibacterial in direction of toddler).

day 13 – i’m thankful for the caregivers to my children.  it’s not easy to leave the people you love the most, who are the most defenseless- i’m thankful i have a friend and professional who has brought out some amazing things in my toddler, and a lovely lady who sits with the baby so i can actually get something done.  having people you trust to take care of your children (when you have no family in town) is life (and sanity) saving.

day 14 – i’m thankful for my grandparents.  after hearing the one that’s left might not be doing so well today, i’m thankful for the time i spent with them growing up, and for the person they helped shaped me into. i wished i lived closer- i’d love to see my grandpa’s face if he met my kids.

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