thankful days – week 3

21 Nov
November 21, 2013

day 15 – i’m thankful for my stepdad.  he’s been in my life for… i’m really bad at math…24 years (counts on fingers).  he used to help me do my math homework.  it’s not his fault.  he’s a good guy, and i’m happy him and my mom met.  i’m happy my kids have a fun grandpa.

day 16 – i’m thankful for oreos.  what?  they can’t all be serious.

day 17 – hmmmm… the change of seasons?  i’m usually so happy when fall rolls around.  and before you know it, you’re through december, on the upswing to spring.

day 18 – i’m pretty sure i did my husband, but i’m still thankful for him.  saint.  seriously.

day 19 – coffee.  i’m daily thankful for coffee.  and on the rare occasion that i make it to some place snazzy… caffe vita, stumptown, le pichet.  any local small roaster… yum… i’m thankful for you.

day 20 – pretty soon i’m going to be thankful again for christmas lights.  if i were working downtown right now, i’d be thankful for them.  once we cross into daylight savings (or as i like to call it, suicide watch) the christmas lights are just the perk you need.  i used to beg my husband (when he worked from home) to put them on before i got home.  i love that feeling- the glow, the twinkle, the feeling that the holidays are close… putting ours up next week.

day 21 – i’m doing my best to daily be thankful for the babies.  two and 6 months is hard.  not hard, exhausting.  my brain is challenged in a new way, and i’m adapting.  maybe we all think we’re not great parents, but i’m making the effort every day to try to learn more, try something new, get out and about.  my kids are strong and healthy, i’m thankful for that.  the rest will happen…

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