thankful days – week 4

02 Dec
December 2, 2013

i’m a bit behind- i’ll blame post holiday mayhem.  here’s the last week of november, and soon up… enjoying and celebrating the month of december!

day 22 – i’m thankful for these clear, cold, crisp days.  so invigorating, so nice to be able to spend the daylight hours outdoors.  even if it is freezing, that sun is just what i need.

day 23 – thankful for the opportunity to try my hand at freelance.  it may be a bit of struggle, and i’m certainly figuring it out as i go, but the flexibility as a mom, and an artist… i’m thankful to try.  i loved my job.  but sometimes, the 9-5 wasn’t… awesome?  i like that someone is giving me a chance, even a small one, and i’m doing my best to find a new path.

day 24 – hobbies- i’m thankful i have interests, and friends to share them with.  books, sewing, design.  i’m lucky to know so many creative people.

day 25 – thankful for skillful tradesmen.  it may seem an odd one, but 2 men showed up at my house today, and my bathroom is transformed.  yay them!

day 26 – I’m thankful for my son’s bright curiosity and quick, sharp mind. How when we drive along, if there is any D in any sign- it’s all for Des. I’m thankful today for the hug he gave my head as I sat on the floor and for the trillionth time picked up ‘treasure’. I love the things he finds humorous, even if I don’t share the glee.

day 27 – for a sweet daughter who starts every single day with smiles and near laughter.  she is the sweetest.  i couldn’t have imagined what she would be like, but in the best of imagining, i could have never come up with such a disposition.  sweet girl.

day 28 – a whole month of feeling this gratitude.  culminating in spending time with family and friends.  i’m lucky, and i’m grateful.

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