thankful days – week one

02 Nov
November 2, 2013

it seemed easier to round this out into week posts… so here we are.  doing a good job of using my iCal for a daily journal.  i had set something like this up.  total pain in the ass.  then i switched to a notebook, never remembered.  now that it’s on my phone, i’m actually using it.  right before bed each night, filling in a little tidbit of my day, adding something cute that D. says, little moments i never want to forget… and of course, this month, thanks.

day 1 – every year, thankful for another year to give thanks.  i know it seems cheesy, but i offer up a humble thank you every time i realize i remember last year.  it’s a simple thing to take for granted.  i try not to.

day 2 – i’m thankful for two healthy, (reasonably) sound children.  it may not always be a blast, but i’ve learned that what goes up your nose will eventually come out.

day 3 – beyond thankful that i met the right guy.  from the first minutes i met him, he made me laugh.  i know it hasn’t always been easy, but when you’ve got the right person, it’s easier.  just about every day i think… i’m lucky and… why is he so weird?

day 4 – thankful for the roof over our heads.  home ownership can kind of blow, but we own a home, it’s ours, and every night when when i think- the family i love is under this roof, i’m thankful.  most days.

day 5 – thankful for the people i call baby group.  it’s become an extended group of people who basically have kids the same age as ours… they’ve kept me reasonably sane over the last two years.  without them i might think my kid was a freak of nature.  now i know he’s just a toddler.  who are freaks of nature.  and put upon the earth to test everything about yourself you’ve ever questioned or doubted.  so thankful.

day 6 – girlfriends- the women i sporadically get to see here and there, who remind me what grace, humor and creativity are.  even if it’s just a text, an email, a snarky text exchange during an award/reality/crap tv show- i’m thankful i have a small circle of ladies i call friends.

day 7 – did i do my husband?  i’m thankful for him.  sometimes more than once a week.  he’s such a saint.  just the fact he stayed with me while i was pregnant… that alone is something to be thankful for.  i was atrocious.  let’s be thankful i’ll never be pregnant again.  and for my husband.

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