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14 Nov
November 14, 2014

i keep telling myself i have time. i keep getting annoyed that there are christmas commercials. but really… it’s coming. and although i am a one-holiday-at-a-time type of girl, it’s time to start prepping and cutting and sewing. especially since i think i’m going to hand stitch all this business (HA! my inner naysayer says). here are 5 items to get you inspired to make something special, even if realistically it’s just 1 tiny gift for that very special someone. get the break down (and links)after the jump…

1- i keep thinking i’m going to head to a you-paint place and bust out something amazing. but what would really be easy is whipping up some salt dough or plaster, and letting the kids go a little nuts. considering i don’t think i’ve thrown away a drawing yet (hello bottom drawer of my filing cabinet that will need to be dealt with at some point) i would LOVE a little crafted something. and i bet grandmas would too. and that blue bunch at the bottom. sharpie!?! and i’m always seeing easy white little bowls at places like daiso and dollar stores. (clay, lace, sharpie)

2 – i feel like these ropey handmade vessels are right up my alley. mix of pattern, pop of bright. i can think of a few people i would gift them to. fruit bowl size, pen holder desk size, even a little bowl for odds and ends. i might be a tiny bowl addict. (pink, color mix)

3 – shopping bag/tote. the stencil one is totally my bag (lame). something cheeky. something cute. maybe an initial. i also have old t-shirts… and shopping bags are just a no brainer. pinterest is filled with DIY’s for these, and apparently, the tee shirt version is super quick to make. i’ve even seen a few tutorials for the little ones you can fit in your purse. done. (stripe, stencil)

4 – out of all of these, i feel like i could get carried away here. liberty fabric, sashiko stitching, bias contrast trim… gah, i want to do all of it. what a special gift! we’ll see how far i get. maybe one very special person will be the recipient of one very special napkin. (liberty, colorful)

5 – of course purl bee does the best tutorial suggestions. they come up with the right mix of special, and lovely and handmade. i’m completely on board with that hot pad, especially that nani iro fabric! it just seems a tiny bit unfinished to me. beautiful, just not… there. that grommet and twill tape seals the deal. the bottom two photos are actually coasters, but i loved the patterns and stitching. (neutrals, grommet, square stitch, half squares)

need more ideas, need just a little bit more inspiration? i’ve got a board on pinterest filled with random bits i’d love to find the spare time to make.

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