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11 Aug
August 11, 2009

very cool… a mention from agent noir of ‘a girl’s guide to seattle‘, a very heartfelt thanks for her award. apparently this involves some sort of response, and so… here we are- according to the award requirements, you give 7 facts about yourself, and pass awards to 7 fellow bloggers…can do !

my seven things-
1. i take all coffee and tea sweetened beyond recognition.
2. i have a drawer for vintage ‘slips’.
3. zesty lemon, fat-free sorbet is a new obsession.
4. i’ve kept clothes from my childhood.
5. i am friends with my kindergarten teacher on facebook.
6. i’ve never met a cheese i didn’t like.
7. my husband is the funniest person i know (hottest too).

the bloggers who receive the award-
1. darrah’s dresser – having been the first local style blogger i met in person, i follow darrah’s blog like we’re old friends, even though technically, we only met a month ago.
2. the clothes horse – rebecca was the second blogger i met in person, and her style, photography and general musings are not to be missed.
3. what’s your tale nightengale?– now we move on to people i look forward to coming across… eunice does a great job of balancing style, family and work… love that.
4. wear what when – seattle fashion reporting with a little bit of humor, wit and intellect. love her.
5. young + restless – karen does an amazing job finding new tidbits in the seattle scene. it doesn’t hurt that she featured needle+thread and it’s their number one blog post !

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2 replies
  1. says:

    aww kam! thanks for mentioning me! i would love to meet you sometime, seeing how we're in the same city!

  2. Darrah says:

    Thanks Kam!!

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