making meals – creamy chicken + broccoli + bacon

21 Oct
October 21, 2015

i’m such a fan of quick meals. new meals. easy meals. meals everyone will eat. i recently discovered the littlest in our house loves bacon. i’m trying out recipes with her new favorite ingredient. yay for pinterest.

this dish was SO EASY. i’ve tried fettuccine with alfredo before, with not so great results. not sure what was different about this one, but it was perfect. i subbed out regular bacon with uncured turkey bacon, and it was delish. also, the way she cooked the chicken breasts to begin with- i’d never done that. YUM. i’ll make them like that again for other dishes. i usually roast in the oven. this was quicker, and in my opinion, equally tasty. also, just as an aside- this recipe made a lot of sauce. i thought maybe too much. but once you get everything mixed together, it was perfect.

find the recipe for creamy chicken with broccoli and bacon on julia’s album. or visit my food board on pinterest and find all the new recipes i hoard. xoxo- k.

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