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11 Sep
September 11, 2015

i don’t know. do i need another sewing project? probably not. buuuuut. it’s so pretty, and seems like it might be relatively quick to make two 6″ blocks in a week? i haven’t read all the specifics online yet, about what people are doing/planning for their farmer’s wife 1930’s sampler quilt. and what is it… in a year, sharing the quilt? a year. pleeeeeeennnttty of time, my brain says. little voice says- you’ll forget about it in two months. maybe.

but leafing through the book, reading the letters… what a treasure. what a period in time. there’s no romanticizing the depression. not to me. i remember stories my grandma and grandpa told. horrific. but also? they knew what was important, and so many of the letters i finish and think- what a perfect snippet of such a simple time. working hard to make for your family.

i’m loving seeing this idea take hold of people. people who want to come together. sew. make together. i hope there’s a group here. i’d love to go.

above- i’m so visual. and also- i like to see my options, before i cut. are you like me? want this template i drew up for blocks 1-5? it’s yours. press the button below to download– all you need is an email address (i won’t spam you, promise. it’s just how this document downloader works). since no one has downloaded documents off of it yet, please write me with any questions if it doesn’t work.

have fun planning and happy weekend! xoxo- k.

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4 replies
  1. Sue Mariotti says:

    i joined the QAL and I also thought, I can sew 2 blocks a week. I’d love to have a local connection to the QAL!

  2. Barb S says:

    Thank you for the Farm Wife color page. It downloaded for me without problem.

  3. admin says:

    Oh! you’re so welcome. my pleasure. i hope it helps you make some amazing blocks. or at least the first 5. 😉

  4. Marjorie says:

    Thank you for directions to download page for Farmers wife blocks worked great no problems at all!

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