farmer’s wife 1930 – quilt along – annie block

09 Oct
October 9, 2015

someone on instagram said they didn’t recognize these to be farmer’s wife blocks. i think i took that as a compliment?

anyway- i decided since this block had so many tiny bits, that i’d try EPP with it. and since i’m still relatively new to EPP, i tried glue basting. i’ve had great success with EPP and the flowers i’ve been working on. i really enjoy the entire process- even the basting. i wanted to see if glue seemed quicker, or better… or just… something. worth a try.

i am not a glue baster. i don’t know what i did wrong, or if maybe i overthought the whole thing, but, it’s not for me. that being said, i don’t know about using EPP for this project either. these pieces are miniscule. handling them that much, was just… difficult. maybe i’ll give it another try, using sew basting, and probably on a much easier block, to ease into it. i’ve had such success with foundation piecing, i feel like maybe i shouldn’t mess with a good thing.

above- the first block is about as close to the original layout as i could get. the other two, my own versions. xoxo- k.

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