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29 Sep
September 29, 2015

to be honest, i wasn’t going to start something else. but then i started working out how i could make it something completely different from the book. something modern, and minimal. something that felt far more depression era for me. and i got a little hooked by the idea. i started laying out fabrics that were already in my house, a complete grey scale, with pops of murky colors. i started realizing these blocks were so tiny, scraps could be used, and tiny bits of things. i got hooked.

the second block in the photo, i drew up beforehand, and worked out the lay out. probably drew up 10 different options. of course, i went with the first one. lesson to self.

the first block in the photo, i decided to do without a layout plan. this project is going to be helpful for me. there’s something about quilting i just can’t get in my head. i thought it was the measuring, and the preciseness. it’s not that- i do that better than i thought. it’s the… where to put the colors. as a designer, i can always picture something in my head before i start. i think i’ve had that skill since i was a kid. visualization. but it’s not there with quilting. or it’s there, but very limited.

making this palette really clean and bare, yesterday when i made these, i got a little more confident filling in as i went. with each block, i chose 4-5 colors, and that helped, narrowing choices. i’m so pleased with how these went. i’m excited for the next block to be released.

want to participate in the quilt along? here’s  all the info via gnomeangel.

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