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21 Aug
August 21, 2015

english paper piecing seems… on par with knitting to me. kind of out of my realm. it looks kind of measure-y (i’m not a measurer) and like you’d have very little tolerance for error. i don’t know. it doesn’t look like something i’d like. but i’m constantly drawn to things people make using EPP. like this. and this. AND THIS.

so. i’m not averse to learning something new, and started binge watching youtube videos. i started asking people who do it, my most pressing questions. usually – how did you get started, what’s a good resource, and how do you get your hair to look so good? here are my favorites- number 1 and number 2.

now i’m headed down this path. which feels like it’s going to last a lifetime. you could constantly do this. got ten minutes to wait for something? do a few hexies. going on a road trip? flight? root canal? make hexies. and then you’re always going to have a few spare pieces of fabric, which would make great HEXIES, OMGit’snevergoingtostop.

don’t worry. i’ll be jazzed about something else next week. xoxo- k.

p.s. above? that’s fabric soon to be hexie. project still pretty much tbd, but maybe grandmother’s flower garden. so you know, only 269 left.

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