make it – farmer’s wife 1930s check in

24 Oct
October 24, 2015

i feel a wee bit behind this week. i did get a few blocks done (above 3 versions of belle), but i think this block is technically from last week. i have 4 more in the queue (2 carolines, and 2 aimees), and seeing the 3 blocks announced this week, i feel some pressure.

feels like time is going to start flying. i’ve got halloween costumes to finish, christmas gift making to start… before i know it, i’ll be giving those gifts. but it does feel nice to take a little time out and make the blocks, read some letters from the book. i keep telling myself, it’s two blocks. two! that’s a couple hours a week.

i knew i was going to take some weeks off, i just didn’t realize taking weeks off would come with this… pressure. seeing everyone’s blocks posted, i want to keep up. it’s a good reminder that i stress about too many things, and this is meant to be fun. a journey. i’m giving myself some grace to not get too wrapped up over being a few blocks behind.

i’m sure they’ll get done. sooner or later. maybe january is the perfect time to bust out some blocks. 😉 xoxo- k.

want to join in the quilt along? gnomeangel is hosting one and so is very kerry berry.

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6 replies
  1. Kristen says:

    I’m in the start part of farmers wife blocks….no pressure except from ourselves. Yours are stunning!

  2. Phoebe Harrell says:

    Toothless clearly approves. So do I.

    Don’t let the pressure of keeping up get to you. I did and it was why I abandoned the original FW quilt-a-long. The blocks started to feel like a job. But I *need* you to finish this quilt. So that I can come steal it. . . . xxxooo

  3. kam says:

    Good advice. I do like sitting down and doing them, I just have so much other sewing right now. That Minnie costume isn’t going to make itself. Also, if you come to Seattle to steal it, yay!! You’re coming to Seattle!!! You never know. I might make so many blocks, there’s enough for two quilts.

  4. Sue says:

    I’d be behind if I was making multiples like you. I got caught up by choosing fabric and cutting one night then pieced them the next day. I’m loving your blocks Kam!

  5. kam says:

    I know! I probably wouldn’t be behind if I weren’t doing multiples. But there’s versions I come up with that I want to see!! 😉

  6. Cassandra says:

    I know it’s hard seeing all the different blocks popping up all the time, but your versions are looking so good. Make this quilt in your own way and your own time. The end result is going to look incredible!!

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