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28 Oct
October 28, 2015

i have a lot of really ridiculous wants. and when you live in a tiny house, you have to be pretty selective about ridiculousness. like, for instance. books. do you want books, or do you want fabric? these are tough discussions i have in my head pretty much any time i think of procuring something. recently visiting my mom, she was wanting to gift me some things. cool things, vintage things. things i’m sure 10 year ago me would have been all over. but now i have in my house: 2 more people, yards more fabric, billions of kid toys… and i have to think… no. sadly. no.

but. things that have dual purpose? yes. cool old things that can be repurposed. of course. i’ve have wanted a tea service for forever. it’s a childish thing maybe, tea parties, old school movies where the classy lady pours tea, in a gown, and looks so proper. sugar cubes, and china… it’s pretty and it’s sparkly and i want all of it.


so. when i saw a photo of someone who did a vanity type make-up storage thing with a tea service… i was all about it. i have a surface to set it. i have gobs of make-up needing storage. sold.

i collected pieces bit by bit, usually at value village or goodwill. most pieces were under $5. most are actually silver (?!?!). i think the tray might be stainless. a couple are missing their lids, or have no handles, in this case, it doesn’t matter. the crystal bowl with the silver edge, love. that creamer in the back, monogrammed. the patina on that bowl in front? iridescent, and i’m never going to polish it, because it makes me giddy. my 8 year old self loves that there are actual silver tea items in my bedroom, and i play with them daily. my little-house-adult self pardons such frivolity because this junk has to go somewhere.


above: yes, i have a chapstick addiction. it goes well with my can’t-stop-buying-old-silver-receptacle problem. starting top left- a pitcher makes a great brush holder, a bowl filled with black lentils holds glosses and lip liners, the closed creamer holds q-tips and round pads for removing make up, there’s a sweet little china toothpick holder where i store barrettes and tweezers (see last photo below), the crystal bowl in front is the perfect depth for lipsticks and chapstick, the middle front creamer- eye liners and pencils, and the bowl on the front left- yes, more chapstick. and lest you think my life is tidy and organized and too pretty, here is some reality. my piles of laundry and clothes… and weird boxes i can’t seem to get rid of. which are most likely sock samples from a year ago.


the mirror my toddler decorated. using my beloved chapstick collection. while she was supposed to be napping. she’s stealthy, that one. hmmm, and apparently weird stuff under the bed.


and just to end on a high note… back to the pretty…


since i don’t have room for stuff, i hoard images virtually. check out my home board on pinterest! xoxo- k.

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