make it – rebel {baby} quilt

04 Sep
September 4, 2015

i found libs elliott last year on instagram. who knows how. most likely looking into generative ideas. i’m obsessed. not obsessed enough to figure out computery stuff on my own, just yet. but i will. just not… today.

but luckily, she has. and offers patterns. the #rebelquilt is SO RAD. i bought the pattern, started plugging in my fabric finds. then i redrew it (in illustrator), because i wanted more colors/patterns, then i wondered, and then…. it sat. since january. groan.

but! babies keep growing, and this blankie needs to find it’s way to it’s sweet babe. all cut, ready to be sewn, i’m excited to see it take shape. i love the palette… a favorite of the mama- peacock blues! plus some PNW inspo- mountains & camping, rolling waves, soft grey… I’m calling it #rebelbaby. i’ll post more as it comes along. happy weekend! xoxo- k.

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