poppy garden quilt – flower 1

27 Aug
August 27, 2015

so. as you might have seen in a previous post, i didn’t really have a plan for my hexies. ambiguity doesn’t suit me. i like a goal, a destination. when i started this, it was mostly just to figure it out. but sewing isn’t rocket science. so that took all of 1 day. and once you get down a rhythm, and how long something takes, you can slowly work out how long it’d take you to actually make something. i love running those math problems. if i make x number of hexies, for y number of days, how many days would it take me to make z? (6 months is the answer)

i think i’m somewhere around wanting 270 of these? maybe. i don’t know. the good thing about all of this, is if i change my mind, i could make a pillow. or appliqué them on… something. or hoard them with the rest of the fabric i have until i come up with a better, less time intensive idea. right now i’m ok with just making… we’ll see where it gets me. the loose idea being something along a grandmother’s flower garden- i’ve modified it to be poppy specific, using black centers in all my flowers.

when i started cutting fabric, i was pretty much just pulling any red/orange/pink from my stash, and cutting enough for one flower (six 2.5″ squares + one black 2.5″ square for the center), and i wanted all the flowers to be different. but then when i got up to the 270 idea, i realized i don’t want to buy a bunch of fabric. sooooooo… i cut double of the ones i had chosen, and now i have two of everything. so far i have about 20 flowers complete. i wanted to post the front and the back- i’m loving all the tiny hand sewing. i also like seeing that i didn’t trim my fabric to be hexie shape (this flower excluded, fussy cut to get the butterflies/flowers in), it’s extra time i’m not willing to invest. squares are working great.

i think i’ll post random updates. maybe i’ll post daily. who knows. here’s the start. can’t wait to see where it takes me. i’ll also give fabric details where i can. i love seeing where people find fabric, and who favorite artists are… this one is random to start with. i bought this fabric at joann’s back in january, to make a skirt (nearly finished). i loved the photo real butterflies/flowers. and that its so saturated.

do you have a never ending project? i’d love to hear about it, and what you’re planning to make. or if you just make hexies with no intent in mind. it IS super relaxing. xoxo- k.

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  1. Kim aston says:

    How is it we never sewed in our dorm room?

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