poppy garden quilt – flower 13

08 Oct
October 8, 2015

fabric name: floral burst

designer: sarah watson

line: biology

brand: cloud9

i haven’t bought a lot of fabric for this project. it’s lent itself to what i have on hand. since it’s such a small amount that’s used, i have a lot of pieces that have worked. it’s literally scraps.

but. that hasn’t stopped me from looking when i go into shops. and since everything i have has been cut, i know where i’m short on certain colors, or what types of fabrics i could have more of. certainly, when i’ve been in a shop, i gravitate to what coordinates. i still need about 20 fabrics, and i decided to pick up this and a few others the last time i was in circa15.

this entire line is organic, and the prints are so… i can’t think of the word. maybe it’s organic. they’re very pretty and delicate, but also kind of… dark. there’s a strength to them. anyway, i love this one because it reminds me of those tall ball shaped flowers, i think they’re called allium? but i feel like i remember this is how garlic flowers too… anyway, flower study aside- this one is gorgeous, and i’m happy it’s been added.

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