poppy garden quilt – flower 7

17 Sep
September 17, 2015

fabric name – no idea

designer – ???

so this fabric, i feel like it’s… maybe as old as me? i’ve had it in my archive forever. i feel like it came from my mom or grandma. there’s no info on the selvage, and judging by what i have left, it was used to make a dress. and i seem to remember… i had a doll who maybe had a dress made out of this. that’s one thing i love about being a hoarder (i’m not, but ok, kinda), all these pieces from my history that i can keep with me, and incorporate into new projects. my grandma used to make these really simple dresses for all different size dolls, and i remember her putting me to work, to make a casing for a drawstring neckline. i was probably… 5? anyway, this fits perfectly into my palette, and i couldn’t be happier that it’s getting used. again.

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