poppy garden quilt – flower 8

22 Sep
September 22, 2015

fabric brand: possibly kona?

color: close to berry, but clearer, and brighter

i’m so glad this is the first solid featured! i have zero plan with the order in which these are getting done, but i couldn’t resist sewing these. i also couldn’t resist doing four in this color, as opposed to the usual two. there might be a few solids that get this treatment. i’ve found such amazing colors in solids, and have a zillion in my own collection of fabric! i’ve bought this color… at least 3 times? and then recently when at circa15, i bought it again. at least my brain is consistent, even if my memory is faulty. this color is super close to kona solid in berry, but i will sleuth some more to get the correct line and color. xoxo- k.

p.s. 4 of the 5 different centers are in this shot! (it’s not that exciting. but kind of?)

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