25 Oct

just a little something…

in love with stripes? me too! the newest member of the organization family- daily planner sheet. inspired by my 2015 sugar paper monthly planner, i decided to add a daily planner sheet to my mix, for days when you need just that little bit of extra space for all that needs to get done. handy water tracker, big open spaces for writing WHATEVER… and the meal section so your meals are ready for the day! at $3, a STEAL. enjoy! (pages are a full 8.5″x11″)



who doesn’t love fun, organizational, officey binder bits? can’t resist! and i’ve priced them for the budget minded. want a custom set all your own? want them to be shades of magenta? have an idea for something like this that you need? send me an email, i’d love to make something up just for you! kam@needleplusthread.com