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exploring – farmer’s wife sampler 1930’s

11 Sep
September 11, 2015

i don’t know. do i need another sewing project? probably not. buuuuut. it’s so pretty, and seems like it might be relatively quick to make two 6″ blocks in a week? i haven’t read all the specifics online yet, about what people are doing/planning for their farmer’s wife 1930’s sampler quilt. and what is it… in a year, sharing the quilt? a year. pleeeeeeennnttty of time, my brain says. little voice says- you’ll forget about it in two months. maybe.

but leafing through the book, reading the letters… what a treasure. what a period in time. there’s no romanticizing the depression. not to me. i remember stories my grandma and grandpa told. horrific. but also? they knew what was important, and so many of the letters i finish and think- what a perfect snippet of such a simple time. working hard to make for your family.

i’m loving seeing this idea take hold of people. people who want to come together. sew. make together. i hope there’s a group here. i’d love to go.

above- i’m so visual. and also- i like to see my options, before i cut. are you like me? want this template i drew up for blocks 1-5? it’s yours. press the button below to download– all you need is an email address (i won’t spam you, promise. it’s just how this document downloader works). since no one has downloaded documents off of it yet, please write me with any questions if it doesn’t work.

have fun planning and happy weekend! xoxo- k.

our favorite kids books – yeti, turn out the light!

26 Aug
August 26, 2015

i’ll admit, sometimes i buy the book because of the art, it’s the designer in me. this book is so colorful, and the art is a YES. the deer, the bunnies, the YETI. i think the first page i ever saw was the bunny page- with their sweet, big eyes, and there was no way i was putting it back.

the story is about letting your imagination run away, and being afraid of what could be in the dark. but then turning on the light, and realizing it’s nothing but something familiar. yeti clears the distractions (all his friends trying to get some shut eye, with him, in his bed) and finally gets the ZZZZzzzzz’s he needs. i love it. and with all the distractions, and times my kids are up, and up, and up and asking for one. more. thing… it’s on point. i’ve even found myself saying- yeti needs to turn out the light now and get some sleep!


the chronicle books page for yeti, turn out the light! hope you, and your wee humans like it too.



our favorite kids books – octopus alone

20 Aug
August 20, 2015

i’m a sucker for anything octopus. octopus alone is a sweet little book about shying away from ogling eyes, venturing further away from home, and then missing the familiar. it’s colorful, and sweet, with the added bonus of a story we can relate to. my son often remarks that people are staring. it’s something he seems acutely aware of, even when it’s not necessarily happening. i love how this book works through doing what you need to do when you feel that way. set in the colorful, busy ocean- there’s so much to look at, point through and talk about. plus, for those of less fish knowledgeable (uh, me.), fish names! we’ve even seen some of them at the aquarium, and my son loves pointing them out. win!

the author’s facebook page for octopus alone.

interested in other books we love? click here!

our favorite kids books – dragons love tacos

12 Aug
August 12, 2015

dragons love tacos is adorably written. asking questions, interrupting itself… it truly is a cute book. plus, we talk a lot about dragons in our house, and now we know some things they love. like parties. and tacos. and taco parties. plus, tummy troubles is a perfect way to talk about spicy food, and when something’s up with your stomach. breathing fire puts that whole situation into perspective. it’s a fun read, and definitely on our weekly rotation.

there’s even a cute little website dedicated to this book. see? adorable. xoxo- k.

*these are not paid posts. we love to read. we love books. just sharing one toddler book at a time. hope you enjoy them as much as we do, we’d love to hear if you love them too!

our {fave} kids books – i want my hat back

01 Jul
July 1, 2015

my kids are book junkies. like their mother. ok, and father (masters in english). soooooo. we have lots of books. it’s started to get so nuts, i’ve implemented the ‘try before you buy’ rule. we get our book fix at the library, and if it’s a hit, it gets added to the wish list on amazon. grandparents love to indulge, and what better way than NEW BOOKS. nothing comes to mind. (i lie. legos, stuffed animals, CANDY- you know who you are grandparents)

jon klassen was a find from target, i think. we started with ‘i want my hat back’, but ‘extra yarn’, ‘this is not my hat’, ‘cats night out’ and ‘sam and dave dig a hole’ were soon to follow. cute, short, and plenty to look at and love. i love the inky drawings and simple expression. the red page is classic (you know!) and cracks my 4 year old up every time.

good kids books (with lovely art). love em!

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