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retro inspiration – jun – downtown seattle

18 Dec
December 18, 2009
From needle+thread

work style – downtown seattle

07 May
May 7, 2009
we’re finishing up the work style series today… i have to say, it was fun getting up so early, and seeing how everyone put together their work look.  it may have to be revisited.  here are the last 3 photos…

this is mariana.  you may recall her luxurious handbag from last friday.  mariana was one of several people we saw doing brown on brown. 

accessory friday – downtown seattle

01 May
May 1, 2009

this is mariana.  mariana had a very cool looking bag, again, i wish i knew who it was by… but… we can appreciate it without that knowledge.  mariana isn’t a seattlite, and was one of several people i stopped who wasn’t sure of what we were asking her.  once she figured it out… she was giddy.  her and her companions were visiting from mexico (isn’t that funny… people from mexico coming HERE ?) and mariana was another one who employed the monochromatic brown on brown scheme.  you can see her full length next week.

accessory friday – fremont

01 May
May 1, 2009
when i was 9 and in mrs. pace-mcginnis’ 4th grade class… we had what was called… fun day friday.  if you did all the classwork, and turned in all the homework… you got to participate.  to a 9 year old, it was heaven.  you got to eat… in the classroom !  play games, and just generally goof off.  while the poor suckers who didn’t get a star in EVERY SINGLE BOX had to do WORK.  heaven.  somehow… i’ve managed to retain my love of fridays.  especially the goof off part (maybe i always goof off).  anyway, i wanted to make friday posts extra friday-ey and save them for accessories.  maybe this is exciting to no one but me… it’s possible.  i have a whole drawer of summer scarves (the winter one have been rotated !  finally !).  a whole drawer of evening handbags.  a special piece of furniture for jewelry… it’s possible i’m accessory-centric, but i try to never over do it when i leave the house.  and one item dear to my heart is the handbag.  i won’t tell you how many i have… you can’t admit to things your husband would be incredulous over on the internet… i want to have fun tonight.  it’s friday !

this is sheena.  sheena looked so professional for a woman who i took to be near 20.  i didn’t ask her age.  but i did appreciate her monochromatic brown, tan, sable look, and then we saw it about 4 other times around the city.  brown is spring’s black we figured… and no one wants winter to be over like a seattlite (ok, maybe minnisotans have it worse).  i swear (as i get more organized and learn some groan-worthy lessons) that i’ll ask who made what, or what you’re wearing… because in this series… i have no idea who made any of these handbags.  speak up if you do.

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