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suit – sean – sam remix – seattle

09 Jun
June 9, 2010

if you’re a fan of harvey danger, ENJOY!  also, how rude is it to jump in to photos…? also, my husband thinks sean’s pose is reminiscent of elvis costello. i agree.

runway style – seth aaron – sam remix – seattle

08 Jun
June 8, 2010

i’m easily nervous. i have trouble walking up to cool looking (unknown) people from my own city, and asking for pictures. so when i sent the email asking to take photos of seth… i fully expected… nothing. then when i got the email saying it was on, i hyperventilated.

even though i’m a clothing designer, i’d never really watched project runway, till logan was on (what a god-awful BORING season).  i started last season with the ultimatum that if it didn’t grab me, right from the start… it was off the dvr list.  and right from the start, i loved last season.  ping… GOD… PING!  anthony, jay… maya.  and couldn’t you see, early on, that it was going to be mila, emilio and seth?  when it got to the end, i swore i would be done with p.r. FOREVER if seth didn’t win (that crap with maya not winning the print epi was LAME- don’t believe me? read tim gunn’s blog).

anyway- seth showed up at sam remix.  i’m not sure what prompted me to ask for photos… but it was a thoroughly lovely (clammy, on my part) 5 minutes.  i hope you enjoy them.  they might look familiar (in location).  such a cool museum we have.  full of fun little nooks and crannies.  and thanks to seth for indulging me.  and being inspiring, chasing his dream, and fucking setting the bar for what can be achieved in a couple months.  that collection rocked my socks and inspired me to work harder personally as a designer.

p.s. nice bauhaus tee.  such a rock star. Read more →

afternoon in pictures – SAM – downtown seattle

22 May
May 22, 2010

alice wheeler photographer

today i had the very amazing opportunity to walk the streets of seattle with alice wheeler via a workshop through SAM.  several of alice’s amazing portraits are in the kurt exhibit, and quite honestly… you couldn’t meet a sweeter lady.  she also has a photo in the ‘taking aim’ exhibit at EMP- it’s of neko case and i LOVE it (that and the elvis costello were my faves) there’s only one more day of that exhibit, catch it before it’s gone!  her photos in kurt will be up till through september 6th.  thanks alice for the amazing afternoon!

vanilla lace – luly – tea show – downtown seattle

19 May
May 19, 2010

luly yang seattle fashion show

the lady of the hour gave a brief talk after the fashions had made the walk. stating her inspiration for the pieces was having an afternoon with no appointments, no cares or worries, and enjoying an ice cream cone while wandering the arondissements of paris. sublime!

urban casual – josie – bellevue

11 May
May 11, 2010

josie bissett was so NICE! i’m not accustomed to approaching celebs for photos… when i shoot music, i take the photos i want for 3 songs, and then have to leave. but i asked her for a full style shot, and on top of graciously posing, her husband then asked if i wanted my photo taken. with her. anyone who knows me, would have seen the fear on my face, handing the camera over, and the photo needs one of those black boxes over my head… but josie looks very lovely. and thank you to her husband for taking it. sweet.

pretty – molly – nordstrom – bellevue

10 May
May 10, 2010

molly ringwald seattle bellevue

molly ringwald has written a book.  i’m book critical, and i would read it TOMORROW.  i’m praying the pr liason from nordstrom remembers me, and sends me a copy *hint hint*. actually, both of the passages she read from, got me just a little… not teary… but kind of, constricted.  sometimes the most moving things are listening to another human talk about something they’ve come to realize, and you think… i’ve realized that VERY thing.  and i love the idea that we need to see ourselves, as grown women, as pretty again.  it’s not something that goes away with girlhood.  for upcoming book dates with molly, visit her facebook page.

there was also a fashion show of ‘not your daughters jeans‘ prior to molly coming out… and josie bissett was in the audience (picture tomorrow).  that nordstrom, they know how to throw an event. for all of the photos click Read more →

swedish style – freddie – ballard

10 May
May 10, 2010

had i done a few google searches (you’re welcome) BEFORE i went to this show, i might have been hyperventilating as much as the hordes of girls wanting photos with freddie. now that i’m home, and i’ve done the searches… i get what all the madness was about. freddie (and his handler *ahem*) was sweet to let me take a full length, and although i was told he’d be wearing nudie jeans (and to get a shot of his… posterior) it was not the case. for more shots of freddie (that i had to take on the fly) click Read more →

royalty – hrh crown princess of sweden victoria – ballard

09 May
May 9, 2010

crown princess victoria seattle

i didn’t think it was that odd to show up with a gift for a princess. is that weird? she’s royalty. i was made to feel like i showed up with a BOMB (books and flowers are sometimes scary, but i was taught you don’t show up empty handed- manners people, they’re not completely eradicated in america). i won’t even go in to the details surrounding taking a few photos of this very pretty woman.  her… pr person? consulate representative? embassy handler? was extremely courteous (root word court! i’m a word nerd) everyone else needed to bring it down about a 1000. for more photos of the her royal highness, click Read more →

pretty in print – laura – south downtown seattle

30 Apr
April 30, 2010

what a night last night! so much fun, so many interesting (and well dressed) people… where to begin? laura cassidy of wear what when on seattle met magazine (pictured above) asked me to come and ‘do what you do’. we’ll consider it scene capturing… mingling, talking about style, checking out the 2000 degree pizza oven from via tribunali. figures i go to a fashion show and end up listening to hip hop and watching the boys make pizza.  so much to see, and so much to document.  check back next week for my shots from the night.  i’ll also be posting a photo an hour starting 12am tomorrow (cause you know i’ll be up sewing)…

local hero – tom douglas – paramount – seattle

27 Mar
March 27, 2010
From needle+thread

i first want to apologize that my ISO is OFF, and this picture is grainy/dim/sucktastic (for those who know me- NERVES!). second i want to say… SWEET! it’s tom douglas!   for anyone in the area who loves food, tom is our version of a celebrity. to me, he’s like the seattle-gastro-santa-claus. and he was very sweet to let me bug him for a picture. this little kiosk of goodness in the lobby of the paramount is a VAST improvement over whatever they used to offer. i remember going to a concert ages ago, being famished, and my choices were like nuts or a cookie? tom’s keeping us fed in style. and if you’ve ever been to a party (or wedding!) where he’s cooking… watch for those little grilled cheese bites. you will have died and gone to heaven.

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