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red carpet ball – making a gown – seattle

02 May
May 2, 2010

red carpet ball seattle

i sometimes tackle more than i can handle.  and in thinking about it, it’s not that i think i can’t handle it.  it’s simply forces working against me.  (or my inability to say no to something fun? hmmm…)

last week was a bit chaotic for me.  i knew i had several key things to get done.  i was attending events most days… and i thought… i want to make my own dress for one of those.  i know what goes in to making a dress.  i went to fashion design school.  i am a designer, and i know how to sew.  just bringing you up to speed on my skill level.  but i didn’t really factor in all the other commitments, and things started getting hairy about thursday.  then i fell down my front stairs, and i swear pandora was released.  for the rest of the story and photos, click Read more →

do good – red carpet ball – w hotel – seattle

23 Apr
April 23, 2010

this weekend i’ll be working on making a dress for an up-coming charity event.  the lupus foundation has asked me to take pictures at their annual charity ball, and i want to make sure i’m appropriately attired.

it’s exciting to have a project.  picking a pattern, selecting fabric.  of course i’ve left it to the last minute (i work better under pressure anyway).  i have zillions of patterns and have picked a few to guide me in a direction… my inspiration is mostly vintage, and i’m really liking this 60’s full length look.  sort of julianne moore from ‘a single man’.

if you’d like to attend the ball, tickets are still available.  and of course i’ll be there to take your picture…

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