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with the band – anthony – experience music project

10 Aug
August 10, 2009
From needle+thread

he had the most gorgeous hair, and it looked shiny, healthy clean, bonus points for a teenage boy (i had brothers). his kicks, his guns and roses tee, the bandana…

use of color – chase – experience music project

07 Aug
August 7, 2009
From needle+thread

argyle screen tee – mike – olympic sculpture park

04 Aug
August 4, 2009
From needle+thread
From needle+thread

if you haven’t been to the sculpture park (like me) it was worth it. it opened a few years ago, and i kept meaning to go… today was a beautiful day for it. and you’ll see all the results in this week’s post in the seattle p-i. well not all of them, here’s mike. there’s also apparently a big party there this friday. i’ll be going to that.

bowie fan – gerald – downtown seattle

15 Jul
July 15, 2009

this post was going to be about gerald’s eyewear.  but then the picture didn’t really do it any justice (they were a milky aqua on the entire inside).  now it can be about his cool kicks, great denim and killer screen tee.

black + white – sang – capitol hill

14 Jul
July 14, 2009

i asked sang how he kept his shoes so white… not a spot on them.  he said he wears other shoes.  good answer.

color pop – chris – downtown seattle

30 Jun
June 30, 2009

accessory friday – shopping bag chic – jennie

19 Jun
June 19, 2009

this lady does an amazing job of accessorizing… there’s usually one thing she’s wearing that i either drool over, or covet. when i looked down and saw her great kicks with the little bit of lurex in the laces i was envious. she also makes amazing jewelry… you can find it here.

matching set – jen + adakin – fremont via kirkland

17 Jun
June 17, 2009

styles that go together.

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