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march projects

03 Mar
March 3, 2016

not bad! day two of the month, and i’m committing to a project.

alright, so. the dresses. i think that’s where i’m headed. a dress for me, and a dress for mini me. i think the one thing i’m going to invest in, because i’ve said i’m going to buy one forever, is a dress form. and although art school, and then corporate design for years, has made me a bit of a form snob, i think i’m going to get one of those dial, adjustable ones you can get at joanns. they’re about half the price, and also- adjustable. i think that’s probably handy.

also, i’m going to have tiny, monthly, back-up projects. since this is a holiday month- a little easter related kid treat inspired by @bespokeoutlaw on instagram- the adorable bunny pouch, and since someone i know is super pumped about them- grown-up friendship bracelets. i’ll plan on working on the dresses on kid-free days, and small projects at night and nap time. my goal is to have the form, fabric and patterns by the middle of next week. the dress pattern i’m using for myself is here (photo credit to pintuckandpurl for above). the dress pattern i’m using for my daughter is still tbd (photo credit above to felicia on flikr), but i’ve ordered a book from japan, and fingers crossed, it’s in there. i’ll do a check in next wednesday to show progress and updates!

yay! a plan! don’t forget- if you feel like joining in, share your photos on instagram with the hashtag #needleplusthreadYOM, and i recently created an instagram feed just for the blog- it’s @needleplusthread

xoxo- k.

things moms don’t want to hear – from a mom

30 Sep
September 30, 2015

i wrote this post a while back. i forgot about it. something happened recently and it came back to me. i try not to vent. for reals. but man i’m tired. i’m sooooo tired. i’m am so… blessed… tired. in life, i’ve been through all nighters, and working weird hours at multiple jobs, finals weeks, and big project crunch times. none of it, NONE OF IT compares to having kids. two toddlers, 24/7. you know when i get a break? i have no idea. sometimes between 8:30pm and 11pm? maybe. maybe not.

two and half years of no sleep, and interrupted sleep, and being so tired… maybe i’m less tolerant of listening to other people comment on my situation. i know that’s a fact. because i literally snapped at someone at the store the other day, and then wondered about 8 hours later (after some food and a tiny bit of sleep) if i was a little harsh. and then i said- you know what? no. it’s not ok to say whatever pops into your head about me, my parenting, my kids… people need to edit.

all of this to say- these are the things you should skip saying. things i’m tired of apologizing for. my mindset of waiting for judgement from people (outside our circle), and usually, getting it. i’m shocked that people butt in so far as to address my children, and feel like they can correct their behavior. that they question the job i’m doing, when my children appear healthy, mostly clean, somewhat dressed… so here are a few things i’m suggesting you edit out of your interaction with strangers-

don’t you have your hands full!‘ – usually followed by how i could get my kids in better check. look, i know my kids are high energy. they’re loud. a little crazy, curious. they can’t sit still to save their lives, they have very little Read more →

our {fave} kids books – i want my hat back

01 Jul
July 1, 2015

my kids are book junkies. like their mother. ok, and father (masters in english). soooooo. we have lots of books. it’s started to get so nuts, i’ve implemented the ‘try before you buy’ rule. we get our book fix at the library, and if it’s a hit, it gets added to the wish list on amazon. grandparents love to indulge, and what better way than NEW BOOKS. nothing comes to mind. (i lie. legos, stuffed animals, CANDY- you know who you are grandparents)

jon klassen was a find from target, i think. we started with ‘i want my hat back’, but ‘extra yarn’, ‘this is not my hat’, ‘cats night out’ and ‘sam and dave dig a hole’ were soon to follow. cute, short, and plenty to look at and love. i love the inky drawings and simple expression. the red page is classic (you know!) and cracks my 4 year old up every time.

good kids books (with lovely art). love em!

print contest – spoonflower – voting open

21 May
May 21, 2015

voting is now open on the spoonflower challenge- there are some ADORABLE prints entered. you can vote for as many as you like.

i’ve figured out so much during this process, and although i’m not 100% satisfied with my design (and how it represents on their site), i’m so excited that i got motivated and turned something in. sometimes it’s just about getting it out there, not making it perfect.

here’s the link to vote!

UPDATE: i was able to adjust the color on my entry! this reads so much brighter, and i’m much happier- whew!

5 things i’ve learned in the 4 years i’ve been a mom.

08 Apr
April 8, 2015

i don’t often write long bits about what i think. this hasn’t really been a space for that. but more and more i’m wanting to remember the little things in my life i’m in love with. it’s hard to find the silver lining some days. tantrums, meltdowns, diapers, shrieking, answering the same question 204 times. every so often though- that little bit of… beauty. that little glimpse of amazing. of course i love my kids. but they have literally turned my life upside down. it doesn’t resemble the life i had 5 years ago in any way, other than i live in the same house, and i’m married to the same amazing husband. everything else? completely different. here’s 5 truths i’ve discovered that i wanted to get down as my oldest turns 4.

1- i was an asshat. i imagined having kids. i thought about what it would be like. and in every way that i thought about it, and tried to insert them into my future life- i was wrong. i. was. so. wrong. you know where you go wrong in those imaginings? getting them dressed, finding their shoes, strapping them into carseats, feeding them, trying to have a conversation with my husband- all the things you know nothing about until you do them 20 times. a day. those little bits of things will drive you mad, and you could never have imagined them. and even if you did, you were wrong. i thought humans instinctively wanted to eat. i think humans instinctively want to throw food. and smear it on walls, and stuff it in hidden places usually on or around the couch. eat it? no.

2- your kid has it’s own personality from the moment it comes out. Read more →

halloween – seattle style – toddler edition

05 Nov
November 5, 2014

wow. that went quick. is october really over and we’re already… days into november? surreal. and daylight savings. man that is a DOWNER. still never used to that. and kids. kids don’t care about daylight savings. we’re all hopped up on candy, and heading for a nap too late, and then it’s not long enough… darkness descends.

i had a hard time jumping into halloween this year. i had high hopes for costumes and pumpkin patches, and then the weather and the schedule just… didn’t collide. the first year we haven’t done a pumpkin patch. it’s fun to go, but it was kind of nice not to stress. and on halloween day i was at target buying my littlest a costume i should have bought the first day i saw it. which made us an hour late for our festivities. mom fail.

sometimes i think there’s too much pressure. like we have to do everything. all the trick or treating, and taking them everywhere… too much. it was nice to queue up a movie on saturday night, order some pizza and let go of all that nuttiness. all the expectation i put on us. i made a note on my october calendar (for next year) to remember not to be an insane do-everything monger.

i know i just want to savor every last bit of this season, but there is a thing as too much. sometimes saying no (or not this year) feels like the right thing. i’m getting to be ok with that.

wear it – kids coats – girl edition

27 Oct
October 27, 2014

i think i’ve said it before (i know i have), shopping for kids is HARD. i think before i had kids, it was one of those things i thought would be kind of fun. dressing this cute little person. and sometimes, it is. but prior to having kids, what you forget to include in your fantasy, is what it’s like to SHOP with kids, get them to try things on (FORGET IT) and here’s the kicker- at the age of TWO, have an opinion about what they will, and what they definitely WILL NOT, wear.

so. fun.

coats are their own minefield. my kids seem to always be running just a little hot. it’s cold out, i want them to be warm, but getting a kid in a coat is like getting a pack and play back in a bag. feasibly it can happen, but it’s a process. also, there are a lot of useless coats out there. ill made hoods (don’t stay on, not big enough, misshapen), bad fabrics (must be very washable) and frankly, for girls- just plain silly. the purpose of a coat is warmth. a shiny satin looking coat with no lining? can’t imagine the purpose. so my road for coats this year has been long. the hood needs to be good (preferably fur trimmed), there needs to be a warm lining, and it needs to be long enough that bellies don’t get cold. my mother-in-law recently ordered the CUTEST coat for my daughter, and when it arrived, i was pained to realize the buttons weren’t faux. no zipper! what 1 year old holds still long enough to button up 6 double breasted buttons? not realistic. so, i’m back on the hunt.  this is what i’ve found.

do it – crowd funding

08 Aug
August 8, 2014

when i was trying to explain to my mom what crowd funding was… i was trying to really put into perspective what i was going to ask for. the simplest explanation i could give was, if i asked every person i know for $10, and i know 100 people, i’d have $1000. but i’m starting to realize i left out a significant detail to that idea. i’m not asking anyone to give me money. i’m saying i need help funding production of a product, and if they give me the money now, i’ll give them the product in a couple months. so i decided to write out some basics to crowd funding as an explanation to friends and family who haven’t heard of it.

  • kickstarter and indiegogo are crowd funding sites. people use these webistes to help fund ideas they have.
  • if you have an idea, and you think it would appeal to other people, and you need money, you make a project, and ask people to help you fund it.
  • when they pledge money to you, you have to give them something in return- i’m asking for help to pay my factory. when the socks are produced, i will send them to all the people who pledged money.
  • kickstarter is an all or nothing funding model. you set a goal, and if you don’t reach that goal, you don’t get any of the money. indiegogo you can set a goal, and even if you don’t reach it, you get whatever you were able to raise.
  • if your project is successful, you have to supply all the backers with whatever you promised. in my case, i’m promising socks. after the project funds (fingers crossed) i’ll have a bunch of people who want socks, and money to buy the socks to send them.
  • i didn’t just come up with this idea, and put up a video. i’ve been working on starting a sock line for over 6 months. it involved logo and identity, setting up all the paperwork with state and federal, finding someone to film a video, writing a script, applying to a bank for a line of credit (the factory won’t start without it), figuring out packaging for 3 pair packs and 6 pair packs (different packaging), researching all the different types of shipping methods, building an online shopping website, building a media kit to send to media outlets to get the word out, and the easiest part for me- designing the socks. which in itself involved researching trends, deciding a color palette, doing the initial designs, and then going through revisions. the designs that you see on kickstarter were changed no fewer than 5 times. some of the changes were to the artwork, some were changes in color.

i don’t undertake the prospect of asking people to buy socks before they exist lightly. i don’t think i’d ever ask anyone to give me 40k with just an idea in my head.  samples are being made for these socks as i write this. i just had a call with my factory this morning about packaging.

so after reading a little bit more about what i’m doing, i hope you’ll consider buying some of my socks. i’m really asking everyone i know for $20. when you send me $20, i’m going to send you some socks (and stickers!). some really cute socks i dumped my whole heart into. you’re getting a bargain.  😉

i hope you’ll consider give TODAY!  here’s the kickstarter.  xoxo- k.

made it – toy bin – seattle

13 May
May 13, 2014

i think i’ve said it before… i have a hard time with most things that are made for kids.  i think a lot of parents do.  so much is disposable.  and i get why.  they’re tough on things.  they don’t understand the purpose of most things, and so have a tendency to mistreat or abuse everything.  everything that has belonged to my son has a look of bedraggledness.  and regardless of how you try to instill the idea that we take care of our things, those ideas take years to cement in their little brains.  we’re working on it.

in the meantime, i’m trying to find a curated assortment of things i want to last.  books.  blankets.  special toys that can withstand a beating.  don’t get me wrong… we have a lot (A LOT) of crappy toys that litter out house on a daily basis.  but i’m culling down as i invest in new.  i’m also making special things to use in our home that i like LOVE.  enter my idea for this toy bin.  this specific bin was a present.  after i came up with the idea, i realized i had two special birthdays on my horizon (brothers) and so… decided to tackle this project.  it was a complete learning curve, and of course, i had something very specific in mind (oh, designers).  my love of orla kiely has given me an appreciation for the wipability of plasticized canvas and bold graphic prints.  i wanted a print that would stand up to time; when no longer used for toys, could be migrated into the rotation of things to use around the house.  i’m beyond pleased with how this turned out, and hope to make a few more (in different prints soon).  maybe even make a few bucks, and list on etsy.  you know, in my spare time.

tote details- french seam encloses all raw edges on the side, japanese indigo bias tape encloses the raw edge on bottom.  hand painted motif on the outside, sealed with poly plastic. artwork  includes warm neutrals and soft metallics with pops of bright- sophisticated, but playful.  raw leather handles attached with nickel rivets.

dressing a kid – spring edition – baby girl

03 Apr
April 3, 2014

i thought i’d be better at this.  i’ve designed kid’s clothes for years.  i’ve been opinionated and researched… i’ve followed how kids dress since long before i’d even thought i’d have any.  then you have one, and suddenly you realize… they need to be warm.  they have opinions of their own (didn’t see that one coming). retail doesn’t support what the actual weather is (when will THAT happen- does it really need to be all shorts in february?).  it’s hard.  and i started with a boy, so… now i have a girl, and i remember how i used to dress him, and they don’t even sell clothes like that for girls.  he used to be comfy.  dresses?  when do you put on a dress?  every day?  it’s impossible to crawl in a dress.  it’s boggling.  but we have a first birthday approaching, so i thought i’d see what’s out there.  this is what i came up with.  of course i’m not buying any of it.  i’m considering buying fabric and making something.  but it’s good inspiration.  and since the high is 57 today, i might have to pick up a cardi and some tights.

first row- crew cuts – that’s a cashmere sweater and the little dress is a liberty print!

second row- gap – by far my fave, i’m in love with the kelly and navy.

third row – target – i wanted that cardigan in every color- so cute and affordable.

fourth row – old navy – that $9 dress is can’t miss, and it comes in 6 different prints.


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