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dressing a kid – girl edition

13 Nov
November 13, 2013

another foray into northgate mall (and a little online shopping by grandparents) and we’re accumulating some items i’m not embarrassed about for the wee-est in the house.  don’t get me wrong, i’ve slowly come to like pink (it’s weird how it happens, it’s literally something you see in every shop, and you catch yourself saying- but that’s not a hideous pink, and next thing you know, there’s a drawer full of pink. not to mention, try finding some necessary item not in pink, like a coat), but i do covet items outside the palette that’s preferred.  i get it.

these items from old navy are a) so inexpensive! b) so adorable and c) of such a quality on the onesies, i triple checked the price.  soft, durable and easy to wash, plus there’s the bonus of layering.  i layer pants under the dress, onsie under the shirt, with the sweater over… and everything goes together.  love it.

next dressing post will be about dressing for pictures.  i’ve yet to get the outfits, but with our photo looming (and santa for the grandparents) i better get my act together.  where are you finding cute clothing?  do you opt for something luxe, or something that can be worn more than a couple times (seems easier for boys for some reason)?  i’m interested to hear how others get the photo outfits together!

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kid outing – discovery park

03 Sep
September 3, 2013

i’ll say it.  i’ll just go ahead and put it out there.  this site is going to be about kids.  and what kids wear.  and how ever-loving mother hard kids are.  THEY ARE HARD.  it might have sewing projects on it.  it might have random collages of pencil pouches.  it might have inspiration boards for a collection of kids socks.  it might have a color wheel of all the colors of green i’m entranced with right now (you know EMERALD is this year’s color??? thanks PANTONE.)

this site can be anything it needs to be.  i’m not beholden.  i’m free to make a pictorial of courney loves underpanties and post it if i feel so inclined*.

so now that that’s out of the way.  we went to discovery park.  which… i was enraged to learn many years ago (when i wanted to take photos at the lighthouse) you can get a pass to drive to the lighthouse if you have little ones (i DID NOT have wee ones at the time, and i could not have a pass, no amount of bemoaning and pleading worked, go figure).  i don’t know if you’ve ever hiked to the lighthouse… but it’s kind of a pain.  i mean… it’s no sai or anything.  but it’s long.  and wind-ey (that’s wind not wind- forget it).  and then you get down there, and hang out for a day-ish, and you have to hike all… the… way… back.  unless you have kids.  then you’re set.

on getting to the lighthouse.  if you have my kids you a) spend the first 20 minutes dealing with blood, since low tide rocks are slick with sea grass, and one of said kids might have slipped and bashed his noggin on a barnacle rock, and then for good measure, when he went to get up, shredded his arm on barnacle rock #2.  barnacles- 2 des- 0.  and then 2) listening to the wee-est martin squall the entire time because she’s not ‘into‘ the ergo.  she planks repeatedly till she can work her feet out the bottom, then she really lets loose on the volume, because, duh, her feet are cold.  and i just bent down to pick her brother out of a tide pool, and squished her feet… and gah!!! between barnacles, and low tide smell and screaming baby, i’ve had a lovely relaxing time here at the lighthouse (that i never made it to because, well, you know…) time well spent!

*we can assume c-love isn’t one much for wearing underpants. it’s more the esoteric notion of what they would consist of if and when she did.

kid outing – carkeek park

26 Aug
August 26, 2013

i think these sunny, blue-sky days are never going to end… but we all know that’s not going to be the case.  until then, i’ll keep taking my little ones out to soak it up.

after the baby was born, i had daycare for des through the week (i was planning worst case scenario, and we don’t have family in town).  my plan was through july, and then i’d reassess when it was time to go back to work.  work called, and my job was eliminated.  i’m still processing how i feel about that, but in the meantime, it’s nice to get out and run around in such beautiful weather.

ix-chel (in the photos) cares for des 3 days of the week.  i like that on days he’s not with her, we all still want to get together.  raising babies is a hard thing to do by yourself.  they don’t say ‘it takes a village’ for nothing.  i’m lucky to have good people in my village.

kid outing – seattle aquarium

14 Aug
August 14, 2013

i’m slowly getting back into the world.  figuring how two kids work has been infinitely easier than trying to decipher one.  maybe because i already went through the trauma of rearranging life when number one showed up, i’m less worried about number two.  but i have a sneaking suspicion, number two is just easier, because that’s her disposition.

we have a membership to the aquarium. that thing pays for itself after two visits.  TWO.  kids are expensive.  moving on…

we have kind of a list when we go… we see meno (the clown fish- i’m pretty sure he means nemo), the octopus, the shark… and after that list is completed, i pretty much just chase my kid around while he runs away from me laughing.  there’s a snack in there, we see the birds and the otters along the way.  after about an hour and fifteen, it’s time to pack it in, because that is stretching the limits of a two year old’s attention span.  i shouldn’t make it sound like a beating.  i bought the membership because it’s a place i enjoy.  i don’t mind whiling away time in a place with water and fish.  i know des enjoys it, because the rest of the day is spent recounting the adventure- meno went night night, octopus BIG, shark swimming.  it’s the little things.

i went with my friend heather, and her daughter penny.  penny and heather always look cute.  penny stands still for photos, and for two, is pretty good at art direction for photo shoots.  my kid is the blur in the photos or climbing walls.  oh well.

cute kids – wynn+amelia – ballard

08 Sep
September 8, 2011

tired mom – kam – north seattle

18 Aug
August 18, 2011

i pretty much HAVE to post photos of my kid.  and i could go on and on about how awesome he is, and cute… but pictures say it all.  labor… long.  baby… big.  but it was all worth it.  now i have this rad little guy to hang out with, and we’ve been having fun.  and of course i’ve been accosting him with my camera.  what are moms for?

above: the first week.  babies scream.  who knew.  but when they’re not screaming, they’re sleeping.  and they’re pretty cute.  for more photos Read more →

kid style – olivia – ballard

26 May
May 26, 2010

kid’s clothing – flora and henri – oddfellows building – capitol hill

13 Nov
November 13, 2009

i asked siena and her parents to accompany me to flora and henri to check out their beautiful new space in the oddfellows building.  situated next to molly moon’s (how’s that for trying-on-clothes bribery?) the showroom is open, spacious and gives the impression of something special.  a variety of unique toys, and special baby gifts… this is a place as much to pick up your child’s next play shirt, as your family’s next heirloom.

i spoke with the owner about their years in the business (twelve), the different spots they’ve occupied, and how she’s feeling about their spot on the hill (very good).  other than the clothing (which was exceptional), i was most impressed with the manufacturing conscience.  teaching a trade, proceeds to orphanages… isn’t it great that on top of the well made product, you’re supporting the idea that consumerism doesn’t have to be a naughty word?  it’s satisfying when small business does all the things you learned ‘couldn’t be done’ in corporate manufacturing america.  small units, benefitting the people who produce it, good margin… and a quality, saleable product.  good things do come in small packages.

From bio pics

cool warmth- puff duster – flora and henri

From bio pics

mom fusses, tails are held tight- boatneck tee, circle pleat skirt, slipper pull-on.

From bio pics

elephants never forget- boatneck tee, soft play elephant.

From bio pics

dancing slippers- boatneck tee, circle pleat skirt, slipper pull-on.

From bio pics

early skepticism- winter angel blouse, skinny barn cord.

From bio pics

starting a posse- winter angel blouse, skinny barn cord, soft play elephant.

From bio pics

shopping’s not so bad- winter angel blouse, skinny barn cord.

From bio pics

at play- winter angel blouse, fan fan elephant pull toy, deer, bunny.

this is halloween – ballard trick or treaters

01 Nov
November 1, 2009
From needle+thread
From needle+thread
From needle+thread
From needle+thread
From needle+thread
From needle+thread
From needle+thread

we had such a pretty halloween this year.  wasn’t this a beautiful fall weekend…? i had the remnants of a cold, but didn’t let that stop me from getting out to ballard to see the trick or treaters with my friends and their ‘little cat’.  if you don’t have kids, it’s almost cute overload.  i especially loved the parents who were: the beekeepers to their bees, the chef to their cupcake, the chicken to their chick, and the mexican wrestler to their spider man.  participation and imagination were awesome.

want to see more of the halloween pics from ballard?  head over to our P-I site, and see more of the ballard halloween goodness.

SAM – siena – first thursday – downtown seattle

21 Oct
October 21, 2009
From needle+thread

i took several photos of siena looking happy and adorable… for some reason when i got home, this was my favourite. i recently did a style spread for the relaunching of needle+thread where siena and her parents took a trip to the newly reopened flora and henri, be sure to check back… posting sometime soon.

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