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do this now – local arts – coppelia part 2

10 Jun
June 10, 2010

my second installment of coppelia photos. performances start tonight and go through sunday (for tickets and info), and then on sunday, there’s the season encore performance that i can’t wait to see (on my birthday!). it’s a reprise of bits from all the ballets produced over the season. i’m excited to see a dance from romeo and juliet and red angels again! for all the photos click Read more →

do this now – local arts – coppelia part 1

03 Jun
June 3, 2010

last night was one of the dress rehearsals for coppelia– opening night is tonight! for deals on tickets and more info

balanchine’s ballets are so pretty, you can’t help but smile, sit back and enjoy.  the costumes and set are lush… full of color, tulle and sparkle.  definitely more traditional, but you will be entertained.  so go see it!  for all the photos be sure to click Read more →

gingham + denim – olivier – 1st hill

28 May
May 28, 2010

olivier was such a sport to come out in the drizzle so i could capture his bright white kicks and gingham.

black + black – kelly – seattle center

22 Apr
April 22, 2010

i loved that prior to this pose, kelly’s friend walked behind me, and she burst out laughing. i wasn’t quite quick enough. she is very fierce. and there’s something about girls wearing tough boots- striking… also, side note (the tee) blondie will be performing at chateau st. michelle this summer.

see it – all balanchine – pacific northwest ballet – part 2

22 Apr
April 22, 2010

all balanchine, pacific northwest ballet

the next three nights (and one sunday matinee) are your opportunity to go see this BEAUTIFUL performance.  if you enjoy the photos, imagine what it’s like in person… i’ll be seeing it myself tonight (photographing it doesn’t count, i’m looking forward to visually SAVORING!) ticket information here…

above: a shot i’m happy to have gotten… they look like they’re having so much fun. you see that in several of the photos. they make something that isn’t, look effortless. can’t wait to see it all again tonight. and coming this weekend, my photos from the choreographer’s showcase.  to see the part 1- click here.  for the rest of the photos click Read more →

opening night – all balanchine – pacific northwest ballet – part 1

15 Apr
April 15, 2010

what to even say?  this performance of ‘all balanchine‘ was amazing.  it’s so intimidating to try to capture something (photographically) you greatly admire.  you want to do it justice.  i feel this way with music shows, and i definitely feel this way in regards to the ballet.  music shows are challenging… you have 3 songs to figure out what the lighting is (metric was nightmare-ish- such low, blue light for most of the show), get some decent shots, and then, they tap you on the shoulder and tell you ‘time to go’.  the ballet is intimidating in a completely different way…

dancers spend their workday… from 10am to 7pm… dancing.  their body, and the way it moves, is their work.  the performances are a way of sharing all of that dedication.  i’ve been to maybe 20 performances in my life.  that’s not so many… a few years dancing myself, ballet was a favourite.  but standing in front of a stage… with a camera, and dancers in front of you.  it’s… i don’t really have words.  there’s literally milli-seconds to capture something.  i think of pictures of dancers that i’ve admired, and have a whole new respect.

this performance, i was more prepared than the last one… extra battery, extra memory card, tri-pod.  and even with all of this… i look through what i captured and think… wow, you gotta be fast.  i hope you enjoy.  i wasn’t sure how to break them up, and literally couldn’t edit and re-edit enough.  if it’s too many… sorry.  it was such a beautiful performance.  what i remember of it.  it’s hard to capture those milli-seconds and still WATCH what’s happening.  but i thoroughly enjoyed it.  for deals on tickets click here, and to see all the pictures click Read more →

do this now – upcoming seattle events – april 5-11

05 Apr
April 5, 2010
weekly seattle events
From needle+thread

looks like there’s a lot to look forward to this weekend… my must not miss events? hard to pick… cupcakes, beautiful bags, the glee flash mob- and if i can squeeze it all in, the HONK!

april 6 – brandi carlile, crocodile cafe- SOLD OUT, doors at 8pm

april 6-11– dreamgirls, playing at the paramount theater, find tickets here

april 7– angels & airwaves, showbox sodo, for more info, doors at 7pm

april 8– capitol hill art walk- most of your favourite retailers on the hill stay open late for the 2nd thursday of every month.

april 9– your last chance to learn the steps for glee flash mob– century ballroom- 6-8pm

april 9-10moore+giles event at blackbird in ballard

april 9-11– 3rd annual HONK! fest west– 4 neighborhoods, 4 days, 20 bands… looks fun.

april 10cupcake camp, 11-2pm, 415 westlake

april 10– glee flash mob- here’s a link to their facebook page– a choreographed glee flash (dance) mob.  yes please!

when doves fly – backstage pass – pacific northwest ballet

30 Mar
March 30, 2010
From needle+thread

i was invited last week to attend another performance of ‘3 by dove’ by pacific northwest ballet, and also the co-ordinating backstage pass event appropriately titled ‘when doves fly’. if you don’t know about backstage pass… they’re a group of 20-40 somethings who promote interest in the ballet by selling a selection of tickets from the season and then hosting events either before or after the performance.  it’s a non-intimidating way to enjoy the ballet (when you don’t know anything about the ballet) and who doesn’t like to mingle or have a cocktail when you’re already out.

this event was one of their bigger ones of the year, and was great for style watching, people watching, and of course, sneaking around backstage…

above dancers chal and lucien- she’s wearing a vest that she said he found for her (and louboutins?), and he’s got a pair of carole mcklellan leather pants. Read more →

supporting local arts – 3 by dove – pacific northwest ballet

18 Mar
March 18, 2010
From needle+thread

last night was BRILLIANT! i love a new challenge (taking pictures of quickly moving dancers took a while to warm up to), i love meeting new people, and the ballet enraptures me. i hope some of these photos inspire you to make it for a performance of ‘3 by dove‘ (tickets are 20% off right now!). i’m definitely more drawn to modern type dances (as opposed to the more traditional) but how can you not be in awe of the athleticism and grace of the performers? i always leave the ballet with a similar feeling to seeing live music- i love that people create art, and share it. please enjoy all the pictures, i had a hard time editing.  this is a record for most photos posted at once… and let me know if you’re attending the backstage pass event, i’ll be there with my camera!

also, be sure to become a fan of PNB on facebook, and you can follow them on twitter too! Read more →

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