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michael buble’ – key arena – queen anne

06 Apr
April 6, 2010
michael buble, key arena, seattle music scene
From needle+thread

this past weekend was what i’ll call ‘music laden‘. i consider my music tastes to be diverse, but hadn’t pondered much what that could mean. a cappella, swing band, arena rock, folk acoustic- i seriously experienced the gamut, and came away with at least one of the best concerts i’ve seen this year (muse) and a new band to start following (naturally 7). one of the oddest moments was sitting at michael buble’, turning to my music-partner-in-crime and saying ‘didn’t muse play this last night?’. when michael buble’ and muse share a music connection (and venue, i guess) it leads to some interesting hypothetical musical match-ups (in case you’re wondering- the song was ‘feelin good’- both performances were stellar).

buble’ was engagingly frank, goofish-ly funny, (did i mention cute?) and although i only own his christmas album (so far) his live performance has propelled me to start perusing his catalog for must haves.  i’ve loved harry connick jr. since high school- they’re similar, although i personally find buble’s style and voice more fitting to the swing style classics.  for those who don’t like that he’s ‘ripping off’ sinatra, prima, darrin or martin, skip those and check out his original material.  songs like ‘home’, ‘everything’ and ‘haven’t met you yet‘ exceed his covers… sensitive, engaging and sweet, his voice is easy to listen to, and the melodies instantly catchy.  buble’s live show was upbeat, and bordering on baring-soul sensitive.  he talked of seattle being like a second home (hailing from vancouver), had loads of family in the audience, brought up a nephew (near 5-ish in age?) who he questioned about favored musical tastes and got the witty reply of ‘the jonas brothers‘, and then dedicated ‘georgia on my mind’ to his hard working grandpa (also in the audience) who helped him get his start.

michael’s crazy love tour is sponsored by local retail giant, nordstrom.  what better endorsement for looking sharp menswear, than a boyishly handsome man rocking a classic, slim suit while crooning to an arena full of adoring women?  smart, nordstrom… very smart.  thanks to after dark for having me, and for a list of michael’s upcoming tour dates- click here.  if you want to see all the photos, be sure to click Read more →

polished – john – pioneer square

05 Apr
April 5, 2010
From needle+thread

the black is saturated, not washed or faded, the shoes are glossy, the white, crisp…the fit is slim. these details denote an amount of attention i admire…

seattle dandy – preston – pike place market

08 Feb
February 8, 2010
From needle+thread

i love that the butterfly on his tie was an actual butterfly pin… and that hat makes me swoon.

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