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dressing a kid – spring edition – baby girl

03 Apr
April 3, 2014

i thought i’d be better at this.  i’ve designed kid’s clothes for years.  i’ve been opinionated and researched… i’ve followed how kids dress since long before i’d even thought i’d have any.  then you have one, and suddenly you realize… they need to be warm.  they have opinions of their own (didn’t see that one coming). retail doesn’t support what the actual weather is (when will THAT happen- does it really need to be all shorts in february?).  it’s hard.  and i started with a boy, so… now i have a girl, and i remember how i used to dress him, and they don’t even sell clothes like that for girls.  he used to be comfy.  dresses?  when do you put on a dress?  every day?  it’s impossible to crawl in a dress.  it’s boggling.  but we have a first birthday approaching, so i thought i’d see what’s out there.  this is what i came up with.  of course i’m not buying any of it.  i’m considering buying fabric and making something.  but it’s good inspiration.  and since the high is 57 today, i might have to pick up a cardi and some tights.

first row- crew cuts – that’s a cashmere sweater and the little dress is a liberty print!

second row- gap – by far my fave, i’m in love with the kelly and navy.

third row – target – i wanted that cardigan in every color- so cute and affordable.

fourth row – old navy – that $9 dress is can’t miss, and it comes in 6 different prints.


grey tones – danielle – tangletown

24 Aug
August 24, 2011
Cardigan- Madewell
Dress- Urban Outfitters
Necklace- H&M
Booties- Need Supply Co.
Submitted by– Allie

girls of summer – shana – fremont

03 Aug
August 3, 2010

dresses – dr. + andrea – ndp – magnolia

30 Jul
July 30, 2010

and i loved! her necklace

nordstrom designer preview – making a dress – seattle

25 Jul
July 25, 2010

i’m never sure if it’s the designer or the style critic in me, maybe a combination of the two, but inevitably, i never find what i’m looking for to wear to events. this time around, i shopped all sorts of places- online, in-store, expensive, inexpensive, close-out, just-in… and still, didn’t see anything i’d consider.

it doesn’t help that i can see in my head exactly what i want. i’ve been consuming mad men, and joanie’s style has been calling. i have several vintage dresses that fit like a glove- my shape is now being defined as mid-century.  and so, of course, last minute, i decide to make something. inspiration: chanel, mad men.  timeline: 3 days.  here’s what i came up with.  to see all photos, click Read more →

girls of summer – erin – post alley

20 Jul
July 20, 2010

girls of summer – ??? – downtown seattle

15 Jul
July 15, 2010

i’ve seen so much of this lately, and love how simple it is. sandals and a dress. done.

girls of summer – ??? – downtown seattle

09 Jul
July 9, 2010

so today starts the start of a series that i’ll continue posting through the warmer months… summer dressing (since summer just showed up here in seattle). no-fuss dresses, shorts, sandals. i’m looking for simplicity, ease and great summer wear on girls and guys. see what i find…

caramel – luly yang show – downtown seattle

20 May
May 20, 2010

caramel had this amazing lace with metallic threads… such buttery warmth (my photos are washing it out).  my favourite of the show was the dress in the middle.  you could wear this to just about anything, it looks comfy and i’m pretty sure it had pockets.  luly has also come up with a great collection of cashmere pieces.  for all the photos from caramel click Read more →

lavender glacee – luly yang show – seattle

20 May
May 20, 2010

subtle lavender… i loved this flower and the amazing ballgown… for all the photos from lavender glacee click Read more →

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