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farmers wife 1930 – quilt along – bonnie block

01 Oct
October 1, 2015

i feel like i’m messing around, but i’m like, intently messing around? messing around with excitement. i got so jazzed after the first two, that i made these in an hour. that felt like excited girl with new markers excited.

then the next day, i tried addie, and the excitement ebbed just a tad.

this stuff is TINY. i’m not used to working with such fussy bits. and triangles. groan city. makes me seriously wish i hadn’t lost so many brain cells due to non sleep. i’m sure the ones i lost were math, because i still have my 80’s song lyrics, my 90’s boy band lyrics (color me badd included), and every single word to every song of licensed to ill AND shamrocks and shenanigans. math might have been more helpful in this endeavor.

but. the color is keeping me in there. seeing them all together- heart eyes. and then i bought some of this thinking sashing. or maybe just working it in because i lurve it.

see- 13 year old girl excited. xoxo- k.


poppy garden quilt – flower 11

01 Oct
October 1, 2015

fabric name: avrika in dusty lilac

designer: deleon design group

line: mecca for moderns

brand: alexander henry

so, when i started this project, and cutting out fabric, i was kind of all over the place. i didn’t know what i was going to make. but as i’ve refined, and pulled more fabrics (and realized i needed to do two of each), i went back and recut a 2nd of some of those first ones. then it all kind of morphed into color groupings. there’s shots on my instagram– but for some reason, after i got through those first few randoms, i decided i wanted to do all the purples first. i don’t know why. i’ve never particularly loved purple…but there were so many fabrics in this stack i was drawn to.

so we’ll be well and truly into the purples going forward. this first one is barely on the scope of purple. it’s almost a red grey. as with most of them- i love it. i’ve been interested to see how making these into flowers (vs just hexies) would change my liking of the fabrics. nothing’s changed. so far any fabric has looked great as a hexie, and any of the hexies have looked great into flowers. i thought after they got into flowers, i’d maybe want to rework with more fussy cuts, but so far, no.

poppy garden quilt – flower 10

29 Sep
September 29, 2015

fabric name: garden pin dot in tangerine

designer: house designer

brand: michael miller

i have a high number of dot fabrics. this one appeals because that punchy orange is super bright and happy, and i kind of prefer an uneven, tossed dot, as opposed to the more symmetrical, even polka.

happy almost friday!

make it – poppy garden quilt check in

25 Sep
September 25, 2015

this started out really random. i don’t know that it’s gotten any less random. frankly, i just enjoy having something to hand sew each night. it’s a great way to unwind from the day. and slowly, it’s just adding up.

these aren’t the greatest photos (it’s a grey, gloomy day), but i haven’t seen all the flowers together, spread out. i basically have them Read more →

poppy garden quilt – flower 9

24 Sep
September 24, 2015

fabric name: summer ride in melon

line: wee wander

designer: sarah jane

brand: michael miller

this wee wander fabric was one of the first quilting fabrics i ever bought. i loved a lot of this line- i’m drawn to hand drawn looking motifs that are sweet, and it’s super soft. i chose not to fussy cut this (not something i have a lot of patience for, and i’m not fond of the waste), just let it come out how it did. there’s a coordinating floral that will come up later…

poppy garden quilt – flower 8

22 Sep
September 22, 2015

fabric brand: possibly kona?

color: close to berry, but clearer, and brighter

i’m so glad this is the first solid featured! i have zero plan with the order in which these are getting done, but i couldn’t resist sewing these. i also couldn’t resist doing four in this color, as opposed to the usual two. there might be a few solids that get this treatment. i’ve found such amazing colors in solids, and have a zillion in my own collection of fabric! i’ve bought this color… at least 3 times? and then recently when at circa15, i bought it again. at least my brain is consistent, even if my memory is faulty. this color is super close to kona solid in berry, but i will sleuth some more to get the correct line and color. xoxo- k.

p.s. 4 of the 5 different centers are in this shot! (it’s not that exciting. but kind of?)

poppy garden quilt – flower 7

17 Sep
September 17, 2015

fabric name – no idea

designer – ???

so this fabric, i feel like it’s… maybe as old as me? i’ve had it in my archive forever. i feel like it came from my mom or grandma. there’s no info on the selvage, and judging by what i have left, it was used to make a dress. and i seem to remember… i had a doll who maybe had a dress made out of this. that’s one thing i love about being a hoarder (i’m not, but ok, kinda), all these pieces from my history that i can keep with me, and incorporate into new projects. my grandma used to make these really simple dresses for all different size dolls, and i remember her putting me to work, to make a casing for a drawstring neckline. i was probably… 5? anyway, this fits perfectly into my palette, and i couldn’t be happier that it’s getting used. again.

poppy garden quilt – flower 6

15 Sep
September 15, 2015

fabric name: pixel dot in pomegranate

fabric collection: acacia

designer: tula pink

tula is one of those designers who people get fierce about. i don’t know. i like a few of her fabrics, and i can see the appeal. especially for EPP. you could fussy cut her fabric your entire life. but some of it… just isn’t my deal. this fabric photographed horribly. it’s really lovely, and i love the more modern feel after all my sweet, and pretty, and twee fabrics. it’s giving a little balance. i think i only have one other tula print, a stripe.

have you been to circa15 in kirkland? she has a great assortment of tula pink. it’s fun to see so many of them all together.

poppy garden quilt – flower 5

10 Sep
September 10, 2015

fabric name: jewels

designer: lizzy house

this aubergine color makes me happy. i’ve probably chosen close to 20 different fabrics in this color (or shade of it), and although at first i thought it was dark and moody, paired with orange and pale apricot, it makes me want to write love sonnets (hyperbole. impossible.).  i have this specific print in a couple other colors to use for this project, mainly because i love the way it’s working in the petals, with literally zero effort.

want to find jewels for yourself- here’s a few listings on etsy.

poppy garden quilt – flower 4

08 Sep
September 8, 2015

fabric name: graph paper garden in white

collection: botanics

designer: carolyn friedlander

botanics is one of those collections i could buy every color of every print. the crosshatch, the leaves… this graph paper with line sketch of leaves and stalks… love it. and this always fits the bill for low volume. i’ve wanted to insert some white into this idea without it actually being a solid white. i might also try this fabric, which was my most recent internet sleuthing job- rad and happy made a quilt with this about 6 moths ago, and that dot has been implanted in my brain. so versatile!


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