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making meals – creamy chicken + broccoli + bacon

21 Oct
October 21, 2015

i’m such a fan of quick meals. new meals. easy meals. meals everyone will eat. i recently discovered the littlest in our house loves bacon. i’m trying out recipes with her new favorite ingredient. yay for pinterest.

this dish was SO EASY. i’ve tried fettuccine with alfredo before, with not so great results. not sure what was different about this one, but it was perfect. i subbed out regular bacon with uncured turkey bacon, and it was delish. also, the way she cooked the chicken breasts to begin with- i’d never done that. YUM. i’ll make them like that again for other dishes. i usually roast in the oven. this was quicker, and in my opinion, equally tasty. also, just as an aside- this recipe made a lot of sauce. i thought maybe too much. but once you get everything mixed together, it was perfect.

find the recipe for creamy chicken with broccoli and bacon on julia’s album. or visit my food board on pinterest and find all the new recipes i hoard. xoxo- k.

cooking for kids – granola bars (technically, sloppy joes)

15 Apr
April 15, 2015

so…i used to love to cook. and food. and going to restaurants. and, let’s be honest, anything involving calories, and chewing, and tasting delicious new foods. in case you need a refresher- cheese, croissants still warm from the oven, fresh beignets, oysters, smoked salmon, carbs, the food groups, you name it.

and the big ‘but then!’ is kids. of course it is. i’m all, *wah, wah* then i had kids. and although it’s slowly getting (incrementally) better, making food, and eating is such a chore. i buy the same 30 things at the grocery store. i can make a meal out of goldfish, yogurt covered raisins, and applesauce. that’s not horrible. but it becomes horrible the 364th time you do it.

i’ve decided to (once a week) try to make a homemade snack. we buy a lot of bars, Read more →

make it – organization – meal planning

17 Oct
October 17, 2014

every once in a while, i get my act together and actually get something useful done. one of my favorite examples of said rad-ness, is meal planning.

back before #2 came, i had this system down where i had 6 weeks of dinners planned and 6 weeks of weekly corresponding grocery lists, and it was like CLOCKWORK. then, well, you know, things change.

but! today i can happily report that i have 3 weeks of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and SNACKS planned, with prep and shopping lists. i’ve expanded the plans to account more for dining out, leftovers and freezing. i’ve become a little more realistic about what i’m really interested in tackling (max 2 new recipes a week) and i’ve even allotted a few pre-made meals and packaged dinners. it feels DOABLE. it’s also extremely satisfying to pull out the chart and have one less thing to figure out. i’m halfway to my goal of 6 weeks planned.

i keep a binder with the color coded plans, and put all recipes for that week, behind them. i call out on each printed recipe, key ingredients in bold print at the upper right corner (makes prep and shopping lists FAST), and even have a section for things i want to try for future meals. interested in meal planning? i’ve made a pdf of 6 color coded meal planning sheets available for a little more than the cost of a latte ($5 via paypal). included: 6 color coded sheets, a sample sheet so you can see how i fill them out, and a blank shopping list as a small special bonus. want one sheet for free? here you go!

i’m always planning my next meal (no seriously, when are we eating), to that end, here’s where i virtual hoard all the things i want to eat.

eat – jonboy caramels – seattle

18 Jun
June 18, 2010

yum, yum and YUM!  have you had these yet?  my friend tara (of hazel salon fame) gave me one of these little delicious nuggets from jonboy caramels, and i knew i was a goner.  i’m not a sweets craver… i go for chips or salt when i get a yen, but THESE ARE DELICIOUS!  and don’t even get me started on the molasses ginger.  word on the street is that they’re trying to perfect a licorice flavor… if jon was a boy in school, i’d pass him a note and tell him i liked him.  and his caramels. but mostly just his caramels.

places to buy in seattle– blackbird candy shoppe, the field house, eat local- queen anne, ballard and georgetown farmer’s market.  for other locations visit their site or buy online!

*no money or caramels were traded for this post.  THEY’RE THAT GOOD! (and i’ll take the free caramels if you insist)

local hero – tom douglas – paramount – seattle

27 Mar
March 27, 2010
From needle+thread

i first want to apologize that my ISO is OFF, and this picture is grainy/dim/sucktastic (for those who know me- NERVES!). second i want to say… SWEET! it’s tom douglas!   for anyone in the area who loves food, tom is our version of a celebrity. to me, he’s like the seattle-gastro-santa-claus. and he was very sweet to let me bug him for a picture. this little kiosk of goodness in the lobby of the paramount is a VAST improvement over whatever they used to offer. i remember going to a concert ages ago, being famished, and my choices were like nuts or a cookie? tom’s keeping us fed in style. and if you’ve ever been to a party (or wedding!) where he’s cooking… watch for those little grilled cheese bites. you will have died and gone to heaven.

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