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wear it – hair inspiration – bangs

10 Oct
October 10, 2014

soooooo… not so long ago i was putting together images thinking i was going to make some radical change with my hair. it’s the same ole story, right… seasons change, you feel rut-like. rut-ish. rut-tastic. the easiest thing to do is start hacking away.

so… i made an appointment. then i got angry at how much said appt. was going to cost (+ time). and then i cancelled the appointment. and then i freaked out over the weekend, and almost started cutting my own hair. then i went to someone I HAD NEVER MET. and, the rest, as they say, is history. so my hair looks… the same, but with bangs. i’m dissatisfied with the amount of the bangs i ended up with, the way it was thinned (i have crazy massive hair that has to be thinned out), and i’m tired of my own color. so… i’m pretty much right where i started.

also, does balayage involve a phD, and is that why it costs $200? is foil not a thing anymore? i haven’t colored my hair for… almost 4 years. i’m apparently a rube when it comes to hair dyeing in 2014. i just need to look better. better is apparently going to cost me.

easy chic – april – downtown seattle

04 Jun
June 4, 2010

sorry guys… i can’t think of anything that looks good, and is this easy… as a dress.

cool glasses – michael – luly yang show – seattle

21 May
May 21, 2010

black + white – timothy – SAM – downtown seattle

17 May
May 17, 2010

timothy and i chatted for a bit at the opening of the kurt and warhol exhibits… details i loved- that white jacket with bit of black at the collar, his loose tie, and the thicker chain. for more photos of timothy (including a full style shot) click Read more →

ladylike coat – angel – fremont

17 Mar
March 17, 2010
From needle+thread

cute coat…

From needle+thread

cute bow. thanks to angel for letting me accost her while she was on the phone…

portrait – SAMRemix – downtown seattle

11 Mar
March 11, 2010
From needle+thread

last of my samremix pics. until the next one!

birds of a feather – downtown seattle

22 Feb
February 22, 2010
From needle+thread

sometimes i lose track of photos that i really like… this was taken around christmas i think, and for some reason never got posted. these people were in a hurry- i took 3 photos, and in each one, one of them is doing something different. they literally ran away from me for a bus…

wink + smile – maria + tara – SAM Remix – Seattle

11 Nov
November 11, 2009
From needle+thread

sometimes what makes a night even more fun, are the people you enjoy it with. i like really serious, stuffy people. as you can see. thanks ladies for the fun night!

high shine – tessa – SAM Remix – Seattle

10 Nov
November 10, 2009
From needle+thread

i looked at a jacket very similar to this and passed.  it was a drab olive color… LOVE it in black.  would have bought it in a second in black.

does she have the most amazing hair or what?

stripes – kelly – downtown seattle

09 Nov
November 9, 2009
From needle+thread

some people look fantastic no matter what the weather…

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