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angels and airwaves – showbox sodo – south downtown

09 Apr
April 9, 2010

angels and airwaves, showbox sodo, seattle live music

the headliner for the night was angels and airwaves. showbox sodo was packed (all ages). i had a fun time walking the line, and although i don’t like asking minors for pictures, what was really interesting, was the unisex tee-skinny jean-cool kicks-hoodie uniform. i almost wished for an opportunity to do a group photo.  there was mixing it up… but very cool (to me) to see how pervasive it was.  thanks to after dark for sending me, hope you enjoy all the photos, click to Read more →

say anything – showbox sodo – south downtown

09 Apr
April 9, 2010

say anything, max bemis
wednesday night i went down to showbox sodo and queued up for the angels and airwaves show. ok, actually i sat in my car and ate an apple and waited till the doors opened. it was cold, and the line was around the block.  first up- say anything.  to see all the pictures, be sure to click Read more →

we play favourites – local lady bloggers – blogmeetblog – seattle

25 Nov
November 25, 2009
From needle+thread

i apologize about the flash. these ladies are all lovely, all bloggers, and if i weren’t on pain meds, i’d link to everyone of them. my back went out this morning… i just wanted you to see some of the great bloggers who attended blogmeetblog… one of my ‘excitement’ moments was meeting jamie- of jamie of all trades fame!

group mentality – boutique culture warehouse sale – fremont

08 Sep
September 8, 2009
From needle+thread

puget sound blood center came by in the posh tour bus to take blood donations during the sale. what’s better than giving while you’re buying?

group mentality – butler valet – NDP, downtown seattle

24 Jul
July 24, 2009

there were a few instances where all of a sudden there was a mob of people all wearing the same thing. this was one of them. i didn’t capture the other, but it was all the dressers who looked like they were coming back from coffee. if you don’t know, dressers wear all black…20-30 girls, head to toe black, it was like a girl mob of ninja’s taking over the streets.

like minded – stiele + crystal + ingrid + jane – capitol hill

13 Jul
July 13, 2009

i believe two of these ladies were from australia and two from portland.  there are so many interesting details in here, i’ve already looked at it several times.

group style – golf pros and tennis ho’s – ballard

08 Jun
June 8, 2009

i don’t know if it’s just seattle (doubt it) but it never fails to amaze me that you run into sometimes hundreds of people dressed as a theme (santarchy anyone ?).  i didn’t catch the reason for this group’s coordination, but the theme was well executed.  i like the guy with the orange shoes wearing a skirt.  nice job !

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