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happy blog birthday – 1 year – needle+thread – seattle

03 Apr
April 3, 2010
From needle+thread

i’ve looked through some of my earliest posts, there’s probably no one more critical than me… that being said, i’ve come a long way.  i’ve learned a ton, both about my camera, and myself… and really what more could you ask?  i’ve been invited to some cool events (some are coming up) i’ve been contacted by people all over the world, and right here in seattle.  i’m glad you find inspiration here.  i’m glad you’ve visited… i hope you continue to check back.  this has been an evolution, and when i needed it most, a labor of love.  i love grabbing my camera and walking around our beautiful city… below- my very first post, above- the very first picture i took… here’s to another year of visually capturing all parts of seattle… i hope you have a great weekend!  xoxo- n+t

from april 3rd- 1st post of needle+thread

i’ve lived in seattle for 9 years.  before that, i lived an hour and half north of here, and when i came to seattle, one of my favourite places to meander was the market.  even now, as a local, it never seems cliche’ to me to go there to connect to my city.  i never get tired of wandering there.  poking through new corners.  going a little further than i went last time.

a new goal has been to document some seattle fashion. seattle is a land of individualists. people who don’t conform to the rules of other cities. it’s a joke that we wear fleeces and socks with sandals, and i won’t even argue with you, i own more fleece than i did when i lived in arizona. and my tevas are beloved, although i would sooner set fire to hair than wear them with socks. but i get it.

i want just a little bit of what my city looks like here. from the man selling produce with the wicked style, to the girls walking around in herds starting the new grunge. i love living here, and i’ve always loved people watching. this is my way to connect to where i live and be inspired.

absence makes the heart grow… oh, you know.

27 Jan
January 27, 2010

so… i took another break.  and i have to say my mind has been abuzz with all the could, should and going to.  774 pictures, 27 business cards, 3 flights and several wanders later, i’m back from the outdoor retailer trade show in salt lake city and have so much to do.

i did manage to snap a few pictures of some stylish people.  the vast bulk of my pictures are going to be compiled into a trend report (there actually was some *very* cool stuff i saw).  i found several bags that will be mine (osprey, ellington and dakine, next year’s model… boo).

and so i’m back.  new directions, new pictures and of course… new style.  bear with me as i post some from utah.  i know it’s a seattle blog, but… it’s also mine.  and i can do whatever i want. ; )  as always…thanks for stopping by…


shop local this holiday – part 1 – the sip and ship – ballard

11 Dec
December 11, 2009

i remember the first time i went into the sip and ship. i needed to mail something. i DETEST going to the post office. so… i went into the sip and ship, after a long day of work, to mail something. and there was this wonderful lady behind the counter who was helping people, and chatting with people… and as i stood there, i had this flashback to the husband and wife team who ran the local drugstore in the town i grew up, mr. and mrs. jones. mr jones was a pharmacist, and he could fill your prescription, or walk over to the soda fountain on the other side of the pharmacy, and just as easy, make you a homemade oreo milkshake… mrs. jones ran the cash register, and she’d ask you about your mom, or where you were headed… they were a hub. and this lady behind this mail counter in ballard was just such a hub. i went in several more times over the next couple of months, and she could talk to me about which earrings i needed, or what postage was to london. did i need a latte, try this savory biscuit and let’s overnight this, how’s your dog doing? helping multiple people, greeting EVERYONE by name, jumping behind the cafe counter, weighing envelopes, holding a fussy baby… she’s a hub. her and her husband, and their wonderful business, are a hub.

i could bore you with more of my story about why and how, and definitely the who of my love for the ballard sip and ship, but i took some pictures at their recent holiday kick off event, and i think they cover it. locals coming together to support one another… friends, businesses… the line is a little grey, and honestly, it’s just right. i love supporting a great local business when i can, not out of charity, or obligation, but because they add something to our city that is so important, and that is community.

here’s just a smattering of what they offer:
shipping– standing in line is lame. wouldn’t you rather do it somewhere where you can buy a latte, and a muffin AND listen to good music? i thought so.
packing– hate packing boxes? yeah, me too, and it never fails, i’m out of tape, or my husband threw away the peanuts or… whatever. they’ll pack it all up for you for a small charge, AND if they pack it, they garuantee it.
wrapping– god i detest wrapping. diana is the QUEEN of wrapping. you can literally drop your stuff off, come back and it’s done. like elves. little magic, good at wrapping elves.
coffee, snacks– yes, yes and yes.
cards, unique gifts, baby/kid stuff, mom stuff, ballard stuff, smell good bath stuff… i could go on. if you go in there, you will find something.
they blog – keep up to date on shipping dates, deadline is this weekend? if you want the cheap way, and all their amazing services- visit their blog!

From sip and ship

sip, ship, shop. yes please.

From sip and ship

festive! the goods… unique cards, wrapping paper…

From sip and ship

ballard gear, boxed card sets and the mailboxes.

From sip and ship

cool scarves, warm hats + hoodies, and my very delicious latte.

From sip and ship

delish bath stuff. who doesn’t like getting this stuff?

From sip and ship

they were literally in the middle of setting up for the party, and still stopped to help that last customer!

From sip and ship

tasty, tasty party food. write if you know where it’s from and i’ll add, so yum!

From sip and ship

ballard has a winery. i’m not kidding. domanico cellars, i had some, yummy!

From sip and ship

what kind of dummy doesn’t stop taking pictures to try the chocolate *raises hand* apparently they can’t keep komforte chokolates in the store, it’s THAT GOOD.

From sip and ship

these two ladies had many a hard-to-buy-for-person gift… morrow lane and frances had 3 sisters. both on etsy.

From sip and ship

babies love diana, don’t be fooled. they’re not always into strangers with cameras…

the update – seattle tradition – christmas

08 Dec
December 8, 2009
From needle+thread

dec 3rd-17th (thursdays) – downtown – an improvised christmas carol – have you been to unexpected productions? HI-larious, and their interpretation of a christmas carol is SO FUNNY. i think i went 3 times the first year i found it. they take suggestions from the audience for elements of the story, and it turns a story we’ve all heard a zillion times, into something unexpected, fresh and FUNNY. GO!
dec. 4th – downtown – figgy pudding caroling contest – if you’ve never been, it’s worth a stroll through, or stay for the whole thing. i love that they block off the streets and you can wander and listen to all the groups sing. here’s some info about the event.
dec. 4th – top of queen anne – holiday magic – from mcgraw to galer, all the merchants on top of queen anne are having a festive night
dec 5th – holiday kick off at the sip and ship in ballard – i know there’s music and a percent off, but can’t find my email about it. i LOVE the sip and ship. and they take a lot of stress out of wrapping AND shipping. two things i’m not fond of.
dec. 6th – the boutique culture warehouse sale – i went to the one they had end of summer… some great deals from some of your favourite boutiques AND this time they’re doing a clothing swap.  here’s the info.
dec. 12th – santarchy or santacon… of course they have a facebook page.  the best part of santarchy is coming across it randomly.
dec. 17th – holiday party at mario’s, their website has all the info.

plus i just did a search for where to see the best light decorations, and my favourite, olympic manor is listed in this article– although, i can’t tell how old it is. and just realized it’s written by courtney strand, who i met for the first time at blogmeetblog!

more to come, and if you know of something great, email me!

i grew up in a relatively small town.  what am i saying… 6000 is teenie tiny.  i sometimes feel like i’ve come so far from where i started, that i’m never very sure if i actually did come from there.  christmas-time is that period in the year that that i’m fully reminded.  makes me remember growing up- maybe it’s like this for everyone…

i seriously start getting giddy, my ADD kicks into overdrive with all the sparkle, music, parties… baking opportunities. i make christmas music mixes and make my husband nuts with the over-playing of the waitresses ‘christmas song’, i like wearing socks and sliding in the kitchen while gene autry blares, and i make cookies i only ever eat this time of year.

since this blog is seattle specific, i wanted to begin to collect all the things i love attending every year.  seattle is beautiful at christmas.  i love living here, and making new traditions in our city by the sea… i know i’m getting a jump on the christmas stuff, pre-thanksgiving- but… this is what i’m looking forward to, and there it is.  if you want to find a list of christmas events, check back and click on inspiration or musings.  for the month of december, i’ll make sure it stays at the top.  have a happy thanksgiving (we’re doing a small t-day with friends- wii give thanks!- it’s kind of self explanatory…and will involve turkey).  hope to see you about town, and as always… i’ll have my camera.

p.s. the picture is from last week and involved no editing but cropping.  i’m loving the crazy light shift this time of year- although it is making for some tough fashion capturing.

dec 3rd-17th (thursdays) – an improvised christmas carol – have you been to unexpected productions? HI-larious, and their interpretation of a christmas carol is SO FUNNY. i think i went 3 times the first year i found it. they take suggestions from the audience for elements of the story, and it turns a story we’ve all heard a zillion times into something unexpected, fresh and funny. GO!
dec. 4th – downtown – figgy pudding caroling contest – if you’ve never been, it’s worth a stroll through, or stay for the whole thing. i love that they block off the streets and you can wander and list to all the groups sing. here’s some info about the event.
dec. 4th – top of queen anne – holiday magic – from mcgraw to galer, all the merchants on top of queen anne are having a festive night
dec 5th – holiday kick off at the sip and ship in ballard – i know there’s music and a percent off, but can’t find my email about it. i LOVE the sip and ship. and they take a lot of stress out of wrapping AND shipping. two things i’m not fond of.

more to come, and if you know of something great, email me!

blogmeetblog – a picture an hour – event day

22 Nov
November 22, 2009

first off… let me start by saying… rebecca (my co-host) does rad picture an hour posts… i totally stole this idea.  now that my disclaimer is out of the way… i want to say how excited i was on friday… to meet everyone, to have a great event… to do our sponsors proud and show them that a blog event is grassroots marketing.  and what better way to show my excitement than to go to work and wander around taking pictures… i kid.  but i was at work for a lot of this day (something has to support my lavish blogger ways!- that’s a joke, i’m lacking in the lavish gene) and when i finally got to leave work… it was lots of last minute running around, comfort crisis (i for some reason had zero impetus to dress up) and then a mad dash to get it all together before bloggers started walking in… i thought it went off well, but it could NOT have happened without-

amazing friends who pitched in last minute- served and checked- i owe you major, and i know it.
boconcept– great space!!  what’s a party without an amazing space to mingle, mix and relax?
mike’s hard lemonade– thanks for trying out your product with us!  can’t wait for your tweetup!
trophy cupcakes– are you kidding me? a 3 week no bread streak was broken.  it was worth it.
dry soda– my new soft drink of choice, and the best non-alcoholic beverage! special sparkly.
qdoba– i loved seeing people at the party eating tacos.  it was perfect.
hazel salon– the ladies from hazel offered gift cards and samples. thank you!
tigerbeat– great tunes make for a great scene.  i love this boy’s mixes.
gems– offered jelly bellies to our party-goers… sweet!
moo cards– i have a promo code for moo if you want free cards… drop me a line.
shopruche– a giveaway and a discount. drop me a line for 10% off.

and finally… all the amazing bloggers who attended.  it was great to meet in person, it was great to hear you enjoyed yourself, and it was worth all the work of putting together a night that was so thoroughly enjoyed.  we’ll have to do it all again!  xoxo- n+t

8:00am- express lanes to kent.

From picture an hour

9:00 am- the smart juice.

From picture an hour

10:00 am- wander through the warehouse- stair shadows

From picture an hour

11:00 am- volume measuring spheres.  or something technical.  i just like to stick my hand in the bin.  they use them to measure how much a pack can hold.  cool nerdy stuff.

From picture an hour

12:00 pm- i have a very vivid imagination, AND i saw mannequin.  this is a family who are plotting their revenge because they were left arm and clothes-less.

From picture an hour

1:00 pm- sparkly bike bits.

From picture an hour

2:00 pm- no one gets excited about a camera in their face. not even birdie.

From picture an hour

3:00 pm- a bit of sun sparkles through my outfit.

From picture an hour

4:00 pm- i try to relax a little with some soft light… and day of the dead peeps.

From picture an hour

5:00 pm- last bits of getting ready…

From picture an hour

6:00 pm- i head out to blogmeetblog- excited, nervous and ready!

From picture an hour

the update – this friday – the event – blogmeetblog

17 Nov
November 17, 2009
From needle+thread

we’ve been working over the last couple of weeks to make this blogger event something special.  we’re so excited to meet everyone!

just a few things!
we’ve updated the time – it’s now 7-10pm

giveaways/sponsors- thank you thank you thank you to:
boconcept– wouldn’t be a party without an awesome party space. boconcept is also sponsoring some giveaways! sweet!
mike’s hard lemondade– mike’s will be there with their spiced apple and they want to video some blogger responses. i love holiday ‘merrymaking’, mike’s might be my new ‘go-to’ beverage for the holidays (save me the trip to ikea for glogg)
Qdoba– will be providing food for us! a full taco bar- be sure to visit their Facebook fan page.
trophy cupcakes– a little bite of sweetness, trophy is bringing 140 mini cupcakes!
Dry Soda- a little sweet, a little bubbly… the perfect party drink!
SPUN- a giveaway for the bloggers! $200 in SPUN clothing.
hazel salon & organics– free organic samples from chi and pearatin, 2 $50 gift certificates for amazing salon services!
value village– 2 $20 gift cerificates for 2 lucky bloggers!
moo cards– moo is giving several lucky bloggers free cards. we love moo, and we LOVE free!
modcloth– sponsored giveaway from modcloth. if you haven’t see their cool clothes, check them out here.
shop ruche– sponsored giveaway- see their great vintage inspired clothes/accessories here.
cs management– hired our very awesome DJ- tigerbeat. nothing makes a good party like great music!
yiu design and cylinder studio– help with the promo and website- thanks guys!

a small list of some of the 100 blogs who have rsvp’d!
the clothes horse – our co-host for the event, rebecca has an amazing blog chronicling her style and inspiration.
urban fashion network – tarah and youa do a great job of giving you the low-down on local fashion events, and sponsoring local designers.
darrah’s dresser – another seattle fashion blogger, darrah’s honest run-down of events and fashion is a can’t miss.
sydney loves fashion – local fashion insider sydney- shops, culls and finds all the great, making your job easy when you need to know where to get what.
jaunty magpie – get inspired for that next fashion purchase, the magpie puts together imagination, style and great finds.

plus: alix rose, emerald dandyfashion for nerds, the midnight cook and so many more!

we can’t wait to see everyone this friday!

a new friend – birdie

08 Nov
November 8, 2009
From needle+thread

you may remember that we were pretty broken hearted when our friend mura passed away.  and slowly, we’ve mended, remembered, and laughed about the crazy quirks of our old pet.  she even has a small memorial at our family wall… but we were ready to find another pet, love a new dog, and fill the corners of our house with hair, dog toys and paraphenalia that denotes… a dog lives here (bones squirreled away in our living room!).

this is birdie.  a friend of a friend let us know that a couple we knew were looking to find her a new home.  through no fault of her sweet temperament… birdie has come to be with us.  in the 24 hours that she’s been in our home, we’ve seen what we’re in for, and it’s already making us laugh, filled us with disbelief and brought that feeling of… yes.  this is just right.  we’re so excited to have her, the coming holidays are going to be that much more fun with a dog to share.  and although it’s not all rainbows and puppies (ha!) pet ownership brings that little bit of something we’ve been missing since mura left…

From needle+thread

take care of you – october – breast cancer awareness

26 Oct
October 26, 2009
From needle+thread

i’m not a big fan of going to the doctor.  in fact, just to give you an idea… i once waited 9 years to go to the dentist because every time i’d make an appointment, i’d end up canceling it.  9 years.  and now when i go, i have to take valium.  at least i go.  ok, it’s been a couple years.  : )

which reminds me that whether it’s a big party or not… make sure to get your yearly exam.  early detection saves lives.  i just went, got it over with.  and there’s nothing like the relief of hearing that doctor say… see you in year.  my doctor even has fish, which is in no way like valium… but still pretty to look at.

rainy saturday – new cards – moo

17 Oct
October 17, 2009
From needle+thread

i remember the first person who handed me a moo card. it was at ballard artwalk about 3 years ago… and when i turned over this wee rectangle, there on the back, was his art. i loved it. i kept it. i still have it. let’s not digress into my hoarding… moo cards. since then, countless people have handed over these little physical representations of themselves, and i have to say, they give new meaning to the somewhat staid idea of ‘business card’. i’ve never personally liked having business cards, but when these showed up, with all (ok, not quite all) my favourite pictures on the back… i kind of squealed. want one?

needle+thread – guest blogger – emerald city sightings

11 Oct
October 11, 2009
From needle+thread

i love our city. that being said, it never hurts to get out of town, and see some place new. my friend andria, from emerald city sightings, recently spent a month traveling across europe. when she twittered that she was seeing some amazing style, i thought… i want to see some amazing european street style ! so i asked her to take some pics, and she could guest post. she captured so much of her travels through her lens, and i’m happy to have her posting here daily for the next week… although this is seattle street style, i think a week long differing perspective, especially around this change of the season, will be an inspiration to all of us. thank you to andria for taking the time to bring a piece of europe back to us… n+t

from Andria…

Why is it that European fashion is just so darn beautiful? That, I will never know. What I do know is that a simple Seattle girl sure can learn a lot in just a month abroad; about myself, differing norms, and of course fashion. Bold, classic, rich and simple – all qualities I would assign to European style. Effortless, however, is the one qualifier that explains it all. Within days of my arrival in Sweden, I was raving to Kam about the style, so she gave me the go-ahead to gather shots from each city I would be in over the next month and share them as a guest blogger on Needle+Thread.

It may sound a stretch, but I could have used people from each street I walked down; although I managed somehow to whittle it down to a simple seven. All different cities. All different looks. I had a great time meeting these folks – each of which, were more than pleased to share their style with a simple girl from Seattle. I hope you enjoy them, the fashion, flair and maybe even incorporate a little into your own wardrobe.

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