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cute hat – jessica? – pike place market

22 Jun
June 22, 2010

i’m sad you can only faintly see the floral pattern on her tights. have you been wearing tights this june? yeah, me too.

cute hat – ??? – georgetown

21 Jun
June 21, 2010

remember when it was sunny?  here’s hoping the sun makes it’s way back soon…

urban casual – josie – bellevue

11 May
May 11, 2010

josie bissett was so NICE! i’m not accustomed to approaching celebs for photos… when i shoot music, i take the photos i want for 3 songs, and then have to leave. but i asked her for a full style shot, and on top of graciously posing, her husband then asked if i wanted my photo taken. with her. anyone who knows me, would have seen the fear on my face, handing the camera over, and the photo needs one of those black boxes over my head… but josie looks very lovely. and thank you to her husband for taking it. sweet.

faces – adam – FACE – south downtown

06 May
May 6, 2010

adam was also at the FACE event, snapping away at style. i didn’t think it was cool when someone made a joke re: his hat. one of my least favourite things is someone picking away at someone else’s personal style. and with a microphone, to a group of people, so he can be your joke… just plain bad manners. for the other photo of adam, and his hat Read more →

spring chic – downtown seattle

13 Apr
April 13, 2010

hats+glasses – the girls – SAMRemix – downtown seattle

02 Mar
March 2, 2010
From needle+thread

last friday i attended my third samremix, and they just keep getting better. not only was it an amazing party (in a great space) but there were so many diverse styles and people, it made for great people watching.

i’ve decided to break my posts out into specific categories, check back tomorrow for hats+glasses+mustaches – the boys Read more →

birds of a feather – downtown seattle

22 Feb
February 22, 2010
From needle+thread

sometimes i lose track of photos that i really like… this was taken around christmas i think, and for some reason never got posted. these people were in a hurry- i took 3 photos, and in each one, one of them is doing something different. they literally ran away from me for a bus…

ladylike details – beth – post alley – seattle

12 Feb
February 12, 2010
From needle+thread

beth’s hat from milliner wayne wichern.

From needle+thread

i need a little pick me up today.

i’ve been seeing little details like that sunny yellow skirt here and there. little tells that say ‘i’m thinking of spring’. i did it myself just the other day. layered up to the nines, cropped denim , mary janes, and no socks. 50 degrees and no socks. i’m so ready for spring.

urban classic – dre – pike place market

05 Feb
February 5, 2010
From needle+thread

so many people down milling about… AND they were filming a movie. dre performs down in the market…

color + fur – heather – pike place market

04 Feb
February 4, 2010
From needle+thread

heather works at cicada. i (again) don’t want to mention how long we followed her… but when she stopped for donuts in the market, we stopped to chat. love the over the top hat.

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