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do this now – supreme legacy – emp

11 Jun
June 11, 2010

last night was the opening gala for the supreme legacy exhibit at emp. i’m often surprised there aren’t more shows at emp. it’s relatively easy to get to, the sound is good… there’s parking. ANYWAY… supreme legacy is one of those exhibits to love… who doesn’t like poking around what people have kept in their closets for a few decades. it almost gives you an excuse to never get rid of that sequin fringey thing you wore when you were 22. your daughter is going to love that thing. if you let her out of the house in it. she’s going to secretly nab it and sneak out of the house in it and you won’t even know. better get rid of it. ANYWAY… yikes. someone could use some sleep… the exhibit and party were a great kick off to a cool exhibit. i think emp is on a roll. taking aim was amazing (had a dream that elvis costello snap was hanging in my house) supreme legacy is carrying the torch, and i hear there’s going to be a battlestar gallactica exhibit that might blow your socks off. if you’re in to that sort of thing. considering i snapped pics of E.T., a teenage mutant ninja turtle, and could identify the costume worn by sean young in blade runner… i have a feeling i might have to check it out.  i do have photos of the dresses after the jump, if you want to be surprised, don’t go any further– but for all of the photos click Read more →

next week – sam remix – the photos

06 Jun
June 6, 2010

wow.  were you there?  then you know.

but if you weren’t… i took some photos for you.  and you better get your ticket early for the next one (august 27th- also add party in the park– june 25th).

what can you expect next week? my exclusive seth aaron photoshoot, wigs wigs wigs, sean nelson, amazing style, gender bending, portraits, tattoos and WIGS.

do this now – local arts – coppelia part 1

03 Jun
June 3, 2010

last night was one of the dress rehearsals for coppelia– opening night is tonight! for deals on tickets and more info

balanchine’s ballets are so pretty, you can’t help but smile, sit back and enjoy.  the costumes and set are lush… full of color, tulle and sparkle.  definitely more traditional, but you will be entertained.  so go see it!  for all the photos be sure to click Read more →

do this now – events – june 2-7

02 Jun
June 2, 2010

omg batman. busy week. looking for some fun stuff to do? this week is tenacious in it’s social seattle elements.

june 2jill scott and maxwell, key arena 7pm- tickets and info

june 3-13- copelia– PNB puts on the ‘happiest ballet in existence’. for info and tickets *check back for photos!

june 3– first thursday artwalk- i’ll be walking pioneer square and south downtown. don’t forget to stop by {far4} for special summer art events line-up!

june 3frances farmer organ karaoke– after artwalk head up to the hill and belt out your favourite tune to organ accompaniment

june 3– kooza- cique du soleil opens at marymoor park- tickets and info

june 4sam remix– if you missed the last one… don’t let it happen again.  wig-tastic celebration at the seattle art museum

june 4– project red dress- fairmont olympic hotel- tickets and info

june 5georgetown outdoor marketplace- inaugural season kicks off! for info about the market

june 6sting– white river amphitheater- for info and tickets

the artist – ??? – luly yang show – seattle

20 May
May 20, 2010

this lovely lady was creating live art to raffle off at the end of the show. she drew the amazing lavender ball gown…

shop girl – jenny – {far4} – downtown seattle

14 May
May 14, 2010

if you’ve been to {far4} you know the treasures it holds. i’ve run in to jenny (and her mom!) all over seattle, and have enjoyed stopping by her shop on artwalk.  she gave me details for upcoming artwalk {far4} featured artists, and i’ll be stopping by next month in hopes of seeing her ‘family portrait’.  for more photos of jenny click Read more →

do this now – kurt + warhol – SAM – downtown seattle

13 May
May 13, 2010

this past year has been a study in doing things low cost.  for those of you who know me, i was laid off a little over a year ago, and i don’t think the economy has recovered quite enough that clothing designers are in high demand.  in seattle.  at least that’s been my experience.

so i’ve found other things to occupy me.  among my favourites are museums and performance art.  there’s been a lot of buzz around the kurt and warhol exhibit opening at SAM, and i think you’ll find that they deliver.  i’ll be headed back next artwalk (june 3rd) to savor and linger.  and if you make it there, be sure to check out the surprise at the end of the warhol exhibit.  i’ll be looking for friendly faces.  of course i have a telltale prop in mine… the camera covers most of my mug.

kurt and warhol run may 13 – sept 6

for related programs, click here.  there’s a cool photo workshop with alice wheeler coming up that i hope to participate in.

also, be sure to mark your calendars for the next SAMremix– june 4th 8pm-midnight

do this now – upcoming events – may 2-8

02 May
May 2, 2010

geez!  it’s MAY!  summer is sneaking up on me… before i know it, i’ll have tan lines and it’ll be september.  let’s enjoy it…

may 3 – the rumble play havana social club – FREE read a review on sound on the sound

may 4-7 – sweden week in seattle.  i’m not kidding.  it’s big.

may 6 – THAW fashion show – all the info here. i think last year i stood outside and took photos, and then left.  maybe this year they’ll invite me in…

may 6 – artwalk – man i love me some art walk.  if it’s not raining, this is where i’ll be for the majority of the night.  hoping to check out warhol at SAM

see it – all balanchine – pacific northwest ballet – part 2

22 Apr
April 22, 2010

all balanchine, pacific northwest ballet

the next three nights (and one sunday matinee) are your opportunity to go see this BEAUTIFUL performance.  if you enjoy the photos, imagine what it’s like in person… i’ll be seeing it myself tonight (photographing it doesn’t count, i’m looking forward to visually SAVORING!) ticket information here…

above: a shot i’m happy to have gotten… they look like they’re having so much fun. you see that in several of the photos. they make something that isn’t, look effortless. can’t wait to see it all again tonight. and coming this weekend, my photos from the choreographer’s showcase.  to see the part 1- click here.  for the rest of the photos click Read more →

opening night – all balanchine – pacific northwest ballet – part 1

15 Apr
April 15, 2010

what to even say?  this performance of ‘all balanchine‘ was amazing.  it’s so intimidating to try to capture something (photographically) you greatly admire.  you want to do it justice.  i feel this way with music shows, and i definitely feel this way in regards to the ballet.  music shows are challenging… you have 3 songs to figure out what the lighting is (metric was nightmare-ish- such low, blue light for most of the show), get some decent shots, and then, they tap you on the shoulder and tell you ‘time to go’.  the ballet is intimidating in a completely different way…

dancers spend their workday… from 10am to 7pm… dancing.  their body, and the way it moves, is their work.  the performances are a way of sharing all of that dedication.  i’ve been to maybe 20 performances in my life.  that’s not so many… a few years dancing myself, ballet was a favourite.  but standing in front of a stage… with a camera, and dancers in front of you.  it’s… i don’t really have words.  there’s literally milli-seconds to capture something.  i think of pictures of dancers that i’ve admired, and have a whole new respect.

this performance, i was more prepared than the last one… extra battery, extra memory card, tri-pod.  and even with all of this… i look through what i captured and think… wow, you gotta be fast.  i hope you enjoy.  i wasn’t sure how to break them up, and literally couldn’t edit and re-edit enough.  if it’s too many… sorry.  it was such a beautiful performance.  what i remember of it.  it’s hard to capture those milli-seconds and still WATCH what’s happening.  but i thoroughly enjoyed it.  for deals on tickets click here, and to see all the pictures click Read more →

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