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musical style – suzanne vega – the moore – downtown seattle

26 Feb
February 26, 2010
From needle+thread

i’ve been lucky recently to take my camera places i don’t normally get to (begging works!).

tonight i went to see a great show, at a gem of a venue in seattle (neko case, travis, snow patrol, keane have all played amazing shows there) the moore- playing tonight- suzanne vega.

it’s touching to get a glimpse of where songs you love have come from- gypsy (such a gorgeous song) written at the age of 18 for a summer love.  caramel… a song you hear and can’t help the urge of taking a naughty bite of something (or someone) is about just that… wanting something you can’t have.

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singer style – kristen – south downtown – seattle

06 Feb
February 6, 2010
From needle+thread

it’s hard to fall in love with celebrity style. someone else is dressing them anyway… maybe if i could see how those people dress? i’ve found it to be easier to fall in love with the style of women musicians, and recently had the opportunity to meet one. there’s something to be said for getting an up close look of what ‘on the road‘ means, and a guarantee you, it doesn’t involve a lot of closet space.   kristen of vedera spared an hour of her time in seattle to talk with me about her personal style. to see our interview- needleplusthread on the seattle post intelligencer.

i also got a chance to hear vedera perform and was impressed.  similar in feel to eisley (but not as… sad? gloomy?) i loved kristen’s voice live.  this free download of their new single satisfy from their newly released album just might hook you.

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musical style – mackenzie – pike place market

14 Dec
December 14, 2009
From needle+thread

there are some truly talented musicians who play in our streets. one of my favourites was a violinist who used to play right outside macy’s in the metro tunnel. i wanted to ask this girl for a close-up of her pretty accordion… they’re so interesting.

musical style – drummer – downtown seattle

07 Dec
December 7, 2009
From needle+thread

so i’ve found some bits and pieces here and there that never got posted… perfect monday posts, since i spent a lot of my weekend working.  brand new pics coming tuesday…

musical style – performer – fremont

23 Oct
October 23, 2009
From needle+thread

this girl plays at the fremont market…

myles – neiman marcus opening gala – bellevue

17 Sep
September 17, 2009
From needle+thread

myles was such a sweet, quiet man, first i took a close up, but when i came around to the see the rest of it, i was delighted by his gold shoes. and although quiet, you can see the gleam in his eye. thanks for great tunes by which to ‘gala’ myles, the MJ mix was especially cool.

black + black – pasquale – pioneer square

17 Aug
August 17, 2009
From needle+thread

when i worked at nordstrom, if i happened across pasquale downtown… it’d eat up my entire lunch break. he often has one of his bulldogs with him, and he’s always well dressed. his style is unique, and very fitted to him… and his music is beautiful. he often plays at serafina on eastlake, looks like he’ll be there august 8th at 9pm.

young + fun – sax player – fremont solstice

25 Jun
June 25, 2009

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